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Sunday, December 30, 2012

So Long....2012

Well another year has come and gone and this year I am like everyone else...I have no idea where the time went but I feel like I accomplished a lot this year.

- I started work on my first ever garden.  It grew well throughout the months and I reaped a lot of reward for my hard work
- completed DIY projects: lamp and chalkboard

- DIY second mantel project complete
- gave Lincoln a 24th birthday party
- added to our hobby farm with chickens

- date night saw the Hunger Games
- me, Rachael, and friends went to Austin for Callie's wedding

- guest bedroom remodel
- went to Grapevine for Piper's bachelorette party
- golfing for the first time with Amber
- celebrated Kaylynn's birthday
- Lincoln killed a snake in the chicken coop
- camped at the lake Easter weekend

- Piper & Jordan got married
- had a fun day with Averie at the petting zoo and paint your own pottery for Mother's Day

- Lincoln and I celebrated 1 year of dating
- Amber and I took a mini road trip to Jefferson
- Mom and I went to Canton
- Kaylynn and I went to movies to see Snow white and the Huntsmen
- Amber and I hung out all day at lake

- got a promotion at work
- hung out with friends at the lake for the 4th
- went to the balloon races
- visited Fresh grocery store in Tyler
- DIY lawn chair revamp and wine bottle

- Mom and I visited Chihuly exhibit
- DIY mailbox, wineglass, and lamp projects completed
- Kaylynn and I went to Canton

- Mom and I took girl trip to San Antonio
- Amazing Race premiere party
- school, school, school

- Kalynn and I went to the state fair
- NaShae and Ryna's house warming/ gender reveal party
- Beaver's Bend get-a-way with friends and family
- found out Brad and Rachael are expecting
- Lincoln and I carved pumpkins

- shot my first deer
- made smores in back yard
- voted
- first annual family Thanksgiving at our house

- celebrated my 26th birthday
- me and Lincoln's first vacation together to Ruidoso, New Mexico
- Christmas celebrations

I'm not going to act like this year has been all rainbows and roses because it hasn't!  I've had work struggles, love struggles, and in general, life struggles.  Although I don't broadcast the details of those on my blog I do have them but that's depressing and like all things those too pass.  I have had a really good year with a lot of first and just a lot of accomplishments. 

A look at the numbers...
1 great year
2 dogs
3 new babies that were made (Shae, Rachael, and Kaylynn)
4 trips (Jefferson, San Antonio, Beaver's Bend, and Ruidoso, NM)
21 hours of school completed
26 years...how old I turned
36 books read out of my goal of 50
2013 is going to bring so much....love, life, and excitement! 

I'm not even going to type any resolutions because I just break them anyways so I have some things I am going to try to work on but as I accomplish them I will let them be known. :)

Here's to loving harder, learning faster, and living without any inhibitions!  I'm ready for 2013

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  1. Sounds like a great year!! Can't believe all of the projects you accomplished--I'm impressed!



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