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Friday, November 27, 2015

Case Update

Case is now 3 1/2 months old and gets cuter by the minute. 
We love him so much and none of our family can get enough of his love.  He has the sweetest little personality but dang is he hardheaded and short tempered. 
He hates sitting like a baby so you constantly have to hold him like he is sitting in a chair facing outward.  He loves sitting in his seat and mamas milk. 
For the most part he is always happy and smiling and is starting to laugh a bit.  Christmas is going to be so much fun with him...and every other day too.
I love being an aunt to this muffin. 
 I feel like I have such a connection to him like his is my own, I guess since he's my brothers its more of a blood connection.  I'm getting lots of pre-mommy practice like bath time with dog shampoo...OOPS!  LOL He will be tick-less and flea-less for the month at least!

sleepy baby Case at around 1 month

happy as a clam after bath time

dressed up for Church

our little punkin

the many faces of CCD

those lashes though

trying out his new high top kicks

finally smiling on purpose :) heart melting

rough day for Lara and he fell asleep like this LOL

He loves his morning walks with momma and daddy

Hiking at the park it was an awesome day

chilling on our walk in Bob Sandlin State Park at the end of September

milk drunk smiley slumber

Insta Dump #19

A look at October from my Instagram account.

early bedtime// Case's poop look// bootyscrunch work// date night with my love// the scale doesn't matter// 10 year high school reunion// lunch and multi-tasking// fbf to my photoshoot// meal prep// love buff bake// hiking with Case// love this shot

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