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Monday, August 14, 2017

Girls Trip to Galveston Part 2

If you missed Part 1 check it out HERE!

Saturday July 15, we slept in until around 8 and lounged around for a few hours planning our day, drinking coffee, and just relaxing.  We headed to the beach for a few hours with our donut floats for some sun and more photo ops. 

After some sun and swimming we headed back to the house around 4 for some really late lunch, a recharge nap, and to start getting ready to go out.  We decided on going to a Latin club in downtown Houston to celebrate Lesly's birthday.  It has literally been so long since I had been to a club/bar and it was really fun getting all dolled up.  We drove a little over an hour back into the city and found the club around 10.  We danced the night away and shut down the club at 2 am.  

After some much earned Whataburger I started the long drive back to our house as Lesly...slept it off!

Sunday July 16, was our last full day in Galveston before heading home on Monday so we decided to explore all the historic buildings and wonder aimlessly around downtown.  

Midday we passed by a taco truck and the light bulb went off.  Before we could turn around we saw another one so we decided to turn back and give each a try.  Best 3 bucks I think we spent.  

This truck above had the best tacos compared to the one below.  

After tacos we headed downtown and found a parking spot then just took off walking.  Took some great photos, browsed some shops, and then ate an early dinner before heading back to the house.  Our late night the night before started to catch up with us by around 6 so we cut the night short. 

We had a perfect weekend get-a-way!  It was so much fun and I hadn't had a girls get-a-way in a while.  We relaxed, explored, and had so much fun just not having too many plans!  I'm so glad we did this for Lesly's birthday!

Fun in the Sun!  Until next time!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Girls Trip to Galveston Part 1

Back in the middle of July me and my body building babes were group texting.  Amanda suggested that we get away for Lesly's birthday in July for a weekend at the beach in Galveston.  We all checked our calendars and were clear so I searched Airbnb and found a couple of options.   Once the group agreed I went to book and had the biggest problems with the site.  After going back and forth with support and not getting any results I said forget it....I have had the Airbnb app on my phone forever and love cruising the site and have had friends book through it but I personally never have and never will after such a horrible experience.  After a few fails the time to book was dwindling down we were wanting to go in less than a month so I wanted to get everything in order.  I immediately jumped over to VRBO  and found a cuter and cheaper beach house.  Booking was seamless.  Here is the listing that we chose https://www.vrbo.com/595953 I highly recommend using VRBO or also known as HomeAway and if you are in Galveston definitely check out this listing.  I will definitely be using this service again.  They even have an app that allows you to view your details, security codes to your house, speak with the owner, and view all other property details.  It was so simple and our rental exceeded our expectations.  It was 2 blocks or a very short walk from the beach and right down in the middle of all the sights of Galveston.

When it got down to going Amanda wasn't able to make the trip so Lesly and I loaded up our beach chairs, weekend bags and food and headed out Friday morning around 9.  We made it down to Galveston after stopping in Lufkin for a quick lunch around 3.  We made a Target run then checked into our house.  

The house was small but perfect for 2 or 3 people.  It was equipped with all the things we would need in a rental and was VERY clean!!  After unpacking we took no time getting into our swimsuits, packing our beach bags, and making the short walk to the beach. 

After several hours at the beach we headed back to the house to take a quick shower and put on some comfy clothes to head down to Pleasure Pier for some food and amusement park fun!

When on a girls trip you take a TON of pictures and everywhere is a photo-op!

I have a couple other pictures with this shark man from when I was little!  So fun recreating this picture as an adult. 

We rode a few rides but over did it with the first one right out of the gate.  We did one of those retro spin and twirl rides and made us both so sick!!!  We got to watch a beautiful sunset set over Galveston from the ferris wheel and even sat on a bench and drank a couple beers on our way back to the house. That night after a shower we headed downtown to get take-out pizza and some bread sticks.  After stuffing our faces and talking the night away we headed to bed to rest up for our next few days in Galveston celebrating the birthday girl!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

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