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Friday, July 25, 2014

Mid Year Wish List

I have had a few things on my mind that I would really like to splurge on or even better get gifted so I figured I'd make a little mid year wish list to tide me over until my birthday and Christmas. Pretty much all my items are workout related except the awesome Go Pro that has been on my wish list for over a year. 
THIS workout bag from Lululemon

THIS workout bag from Nike
THESE new trainers also from Nike
I've had my eye on a GO PRO for over a year now.  It would be great to have to take on the boat, vacation activities that are more adventure then pleasure and just to capture those unforgettable action moments.
On top of all that I also need all these things in pretty much every color possible to help me workout better!!!! All things found at the Academy. Over the past 2 months I've really enjoyed being back in the weight room and have really loved the changes I've seen in my body.  New/ more workout clothes would only motivate me to get into the gym earlier and put them to good use.

 Comment for my address if you'd like to send me any of my wanted tems...otherwise I'm sure I'll be purchasing myself the majority of these things over the next few months.

Friday, July 11, 2014

A Couple Dates

If it is one thing that Hendrik and I love it's sushi and hibachi.  Not only are these two things just super delicious but they are also things that are out of the norm from where we come from.  When we go eat it we are usually at least an hour away from home and is spawned either to have just a date out or we are making a trip to Sam's or some other big city adventures like that. LOL  Almost all our date nights are centered around hibachi because neither of us would consider a quick run to SS to eat at Chili's a date! 
Here are a couple date nights we had last month.


This was a multi party date night complete with my Mom and Elizabeth.  We all go to the same chiropractor who is in Rockwall so it is always an outing once a month.  In June we tried the newly opened Mellow Mushroom.  Brandon, my carpool friend from last semester, RAVED about how he had it in Florida and it was so awesome!!!!  I love me some pizza so I was excited to try it.
I would say lots of things after we left like....weird decor, total hippy vibe, huge space, tons of people, and mainly that I did enjoy the meal. 
We all got different types of appetizers and pizzas for the main meal so we all got a pretty good feel for what they had to offer.  I wouldn't want to go back for a long time because it is a real specialty type of restaurant like your not going to find just a pepperoni and cheese pizza on their menu but it is good for a once in the blue moon date or something just totally out of the ordinary.

Saturday, July 5, 2014


I don’t know where to begin on this post so I’m just going to jump in there….
One year ago Hendrik and I became inseparable and romantically linked all while knowing that although we hadn’t had the official its only you talk for a couple more weeks we both new that we were together, we had been wanting, and waiting for the perfect time to do this and now is it….done deal.  On that note I’ve just dedicated July 4th as our anniversary because even before we knew…we knew and everyone around us had known for quite some time (years if I tell the truth) so I find it worthy the first “date” be our official anniversary. 
This past year has been nothing but ups and although I know it isn’t always like that in relationships and I don’t expect ours to always be like that I can honestly say that this year has been.  I’ve truly enjoyed getting to know the man I’ve called my best friend for years on a whole other level and the closeness that has followed is just amazing.  I
’ve never been so happy in my life and he is the man for me, no doubt.  I love that we have so much in common but still balance each other out.  He is so open minded can put up with me no matter my mood and listens to me.  Hendrik is also so thoughtful and caring. 
I can’t stay mad at him even if I want to be and that pisses me off.
I still feel like we’ve only been dating a month when in reality it’s been a whole year and we’ve been living together for over 2 months now.  We share equal parts ambition and fun and those things are what my life is all about. 
I cannot even imagine the great things that this life has in store for us but I know that as long as we are together they are going to be just that….GREAT!

I came across this article on a blog and just found it fitting and I related to a lot of those things listed…I can say that after reading that I feel like Hendrik and I have a healthy relationship….but before I read it I knew that LOL it was fun seeing someone else’s perspective

From the conservative Charlotte on SATC… (1st movie) 
Carrie asks Samantha after Charlotte’s baby shower how much she’s happy in her relationship and it goes around the circle…when it gets it Charlotte she says
"everyday…not all day every day but every day."
  I believe her and I understand her.  I am happy every day that I’m with Hendrik and every day I wake up knowing that we have a strong, trusting, and secure bond with each other.

Here’s a glimpse of moments from the past year! 


To many many many more pictures and years………..

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