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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Exploring Main Street: Winnsboro

Around a year ago I had a fun idea to explore the downtown areas of the towns surrounding my hometown where I currently live.  Most of these downtown areas in all the towns around us have cute antique shops, mom and pop restaurants and unique stores that are town specific.  Also most of these small towns are really reinventing and investing in their downtown area to make it happening again and some are really succeeding.  While I was already in Winnsboro for a spa morning on January 30th I decided to extend my morning/afternoon exploring and get a jump on this series.  No better time than the present right....not to mention I have honestly been throwing the idea around for more than a year and keep putting it off until after school or this and that.  So here we go with our first town.  There's not a specific time frame or number of towns I want to explore except ummm all of them so I think it should be interesting content and give all you readers some fun things to do and hopefully bring attention to some of these areas that have been forgotten with time.

Winnsboro is a fantastic little town and I even lived there for a few years before I sold my house.  I loved living in Winnsboro and if given the chance I think I would live there again.  For a small town it is so friendly, a lot of things to do both during the day and at night, and the town and people are really invested in bringing life and attention to not only their main street area but also the town.  There are constantly new and upscale restaurants opening and let's not even start on the fabulous farmers market that goes from April through October that has everything from grass fed beef to hand made art.

Winnsboro is about a 10 minute drive straight south on highway 37 from Mt. Vernon.  One plus that Winnsboro has for it that other towns...like Mt. Vernon, doesn't is that the 2 main highways that run through Winnsboro is Main Street and Broadway (why 11), which intersect.  This brings so much more attention to the shops and really gives them that much more life and exposure.

After my spa appointment I headed over to the Art & Espresso to get some work done as I enjoyed a mocha coffee and watched the day unfold.  I hadn't really decided to start the series yet but the more I sat and thought as I wrapped up a homework assignment the more I decided that I might as well jump in.  All I had was my phone to get pictures with and looking at them now I'm not that impressed but that just means the the upcoming featured towns are only going to be that much better.

On the corner of Main street and Hwy 11 or Broadway, Art & Espresso has been open for several years and is the top breakfast and coffee spot in Winnsboro for good conversation and a good coffee.  Not only that but the "back" side of the shop is on Market Street or the historic Bowery and is really the start to any good trip to Winnsboro...after the Copper Leaf Spa of course!  http://artandespresso.com/home/

After a couple coffees I decided to start my series and the first stop was lunch at Brewbakers Deli and Pub right on Main Street!  They have a variety of hot and cold sandwiches as well as wraps and craft beers to start off the weekend.  At night you can get a glass of wine and a steak as you enjoy a featured live music artist when the schedule is available.  I eat lunch here frequently with a  friend and we always enjoy the atmosphere and the good food!

I got macaroni salad and the muffaletta.  

After lunch I visited a few antique shops and custom good stores like Finders Keepers and Clara Ida Frances.  No matter what your on the hunt for your going to find it at one of the shops in the downtown area as there are so many to choose from.

On the back/ East side of Main Street is Market Street that has a ton of boutiques and restaurants.  At night this is the spot in Winnsboro you want to be.

As I was alone and pretty unprepared I still feel like you can get a good grasp on the history of the downtown Main Street area of Winnsboro.

There are a ton more little shops, galleries, and events always open and happening in Winnsboro so whether it is a girls day to do some unique shopping or a date night to Monk's Oven Pizzeria followed by wine and Grape your going to have a great time and leave wanting more....

Do you like this feature?  Want to see more?  If so do you have any small town suggestions for me to hit next?

Monday, February 8, 2016

Daily Grind and January

Currently my weekly grind is kicking my butt!

My hectic week starts out on Sunday with preparing for the week with meal prep, laundry,  a heavy work out and general house chores.  I like this as I do feel prepared for the week but its almost like I start off on Monday already tired. LOL  

We are trying semi-hard to get back into our early 4:30 wake up call to get in our workout in before the day starts and get a good breakfast.  I really feel so much better when this goes according to planned but that's not always the case. 

Monday's and Tuesday's and the roughest on me and they are like a bad hangover it takes Wednesday and Thursday to recover from.  After early mornings I race to work and try to get EVERYTHING done in 4 hours each of these days before then racing to another gym for MMA.  Once I sweat it out there I get in my car and head to Dallas with a ton of food and water for night classes.  I get home from Dallas between 10-10:30 on these nights and still have to shower, take dogs out and finally crash close to an hour later.  

Wednesday feels like the longest day ever now that I've rushed through the first part of my week but I can actually work slowly and it really feels leisure....until I get home that is and see that...oh yeah...I've been MIA for 2 days and I desperately need to do the dishes, work on the laundry and sweep up the mountain of dog hair that's floating throughout the house.

Thursday I'm feeling a bit more like myself and then Friday I'm finally ready to conquer the world!  I feel super productive and not very productive all in the same breathe.  I'm thankful that this is in deed my last semester of school  I know that I say that every semester but for real this time. My degree requirements changed so I had to pick up some extra classes before graduating but this Spring is the time!

Just in time for the weekend I'm rejuvenated and ready to get my house clean, yard work, garden prep, meal prep and getting ready for another week of grinding!

I'm not one to gripe but you have no idea how I want to be done with school and feel the wonders of leisure and doing WHAT I WANT to do instead of things I HAVE TO DO!  I'm ready to just live and not be anxiously waiting the next test, assignment, or due date.

I did find time to get in some random snaps and happenings in January while only half the month was crazy and slow to start.

Started the new year off right keeping this little monster! :)  So cute in his jammies.

Lauren and I made one last trip to Canton before their baby shows up and saw this hideous rooster rocker!

From Canton I got these awesome greenery balls to spice up my dough bowl

And redid the grapevine wreath.  

Hoss got ran over and had to have leg surgery TWICE and is now recovering well...thankfully.  We feel so bad for him!

I helped host Lauren's baby shower for baby Kash and it turned out awesome

Driving and multi-tasking to stay on diet point

I milled around Winnsboro the last weekend of the month and started a fun new project... separate post coming soon

Had a special date night at Bin 303 on the 30th with my honey and we started off our hour long wait with the one pot dip and some bloody Marys
I'm putting my head down the rest of the semester and I'm going to smash life in the face....get ready!

Insta Dump #22

January according to my Instagram.  Boy did this month fly by.  We are so busy with life right now its awesome and tiring but so rewarding getting things done!

multi tasking get work done// this big boy at 5 months// Monday motivation// my new 6 pack bag// Max who gained 15 lbs// got special deliver so yummy// Octane dedication// super cold so thermals it was// happy hump day// getting shit done in my AC/DC shirt ready to rock out// all prepped for a night at school// bad day at work pumping rock music

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