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Sunday, December 27, 2015


December 19th was an epic day.  

Not only did I spend the entire morning at the spa but it was also the day that the 2016 AC/DC tour tickets went on sale. 10:00 am to be exact. 
I wasn't able to log in and see what was available until around 2 that afternoon and luckily there were 2 available seats on the floor in front of the stage.  I called Hendrik to see if the price and seats were ok and he said YES!  

I few short clicks later we had some pretty expensive but still priceless AC/DC tickets that are going to be used February 23rd!  I can't wait.  
See back in 2009 where I saw AC/DC in Germany and it still gives me chills. 

I'm so pumped I can't wait to see the greatest band on Earth AGAIN I'm so lucky! 

Addicted to....

Lately I've become addicted to these things and if not addicted then I am highly enjoying them.  Check them out!

These 3 shows...holy hell are they good.  Intrigue, sexiness, scandal, and drama are a part of each one and I can't wait for the new seasons.  Each of these were brand new shows this Fall and ended just a few weeks ago with a bang.  Blood and Oil was our favorite I think...it's just more my style and the twists and turns just keep coming.  I know so many people who watched these shows and all of them raved.  If you haven't seen them then watch for them this Spring.

I am completely addicted to Youtube.  I am subscribed to about 10 different channels but my favorite are both fitness related but uploadvery different videos.

Beauty & Braun and Heidi Somers are my top two that I watch faithfully.  Beauty & Braun is about a couple that lives in Florida and both own their own business.  It's a Youtube based reality show on their day to day activities.  I had bought all their products before the show started so I'm a super fan I guess. LOL  I love seeing their success not only is it interesting but also motivating.


Heidi Somers is a super awesome fitness model and bikini competitor that has a fully loaded channel that is FREE and she posts EVERYTHING from weekly competition updates, fitness advice, food intake, and fun how to's.  She's so amazing and also lives in Texas!  She posts videos like twice a week so I'm a bit behind on her channel but plan on catching up soon.  If you haven't then go check her out!


blueberry lemonade pre-workout is the shizzz  it gives me super vascular pump and tastes so amazing!  I love all Optimum Nutrition supplements its almost all I use these days.


my new muscle building workout it makes me so sore and I get some major pump

Buff Bake snickerdoodle almond butter OMG  packed with protein and makes for the most yummy snack.


I recently stumbled upon the best jewelry website that has fitness style jewelry called Fit Style Brand.  I ordered me and a friend some cute charms that I'm going to put on a short chain.  I can't wait to get them in the mail!


water so much water it's all I drink and I'm up to a gallon or more a day.  My body craves it and if I don't get enough I can definitely tell.  The saying that you don't know dehydrated until you've had enough water is so true.  I used to never drink enough water and thought oh its just my body and I don't need it but yes I and YOU do too.  I can tell so many things with my muscles, mind, and overall well being is so messed up when I don't drink enough.  Get your gallon in girls and boys!

Case who couldn't love and be obsessed with this super cute face?  He was so much fun over the holidays I can't wait till the Spring when he's toddling all over the place!

I've started reading the Mortal instruments books and I'm currently on the 2nd in the series.  I started these after watching the movie on HBO for about the millionth time.  I love the movie and want to bad for another to come out so I search and found that it all started with the books....like most things do and immediately bought the entire Mortal Instruments series.  There's something like 6 books and they are pretty long but so good.

So that's what I'm into these days....have you tried any of the things on my list or leave a comment and tell me what you are into!

Friday, December 25, 2015

Update on Life

Here is a boring all about my life update from October to now to sort of catch you and really myself up.  It seems like I don't do much actually blogging anymore more it ends up just being updates from my workouts, Instagram, and life but hey...I hope to get better at blogging again until then at least I have a semi reliable source to look back on.  

Hendrik and I have been date nighting it up several times each month and I love pulling together an outfit.  I don't think I will ever get over my love for my high top Nikes so this night I paired them with a simple black shirt and some sporty rocker type pants.  Our date nights consist of both dinner double dates with our best couple friend, Paul and Lauren, or its just us and we run errands in whatever big city we choose to head to, usually Tyler or Rockwall. 

I got my Fall decor out a bit early this year I think it was early September and still hot as you know what but September is supposed to be Fall so up it went.  Plus I was really wanting a change of decor since I had my house perfectly clean and I thought better now than never.  In Texas you have to take the chances as they present them otherwise I would have went straight into Christmas decor as we never have any true Fall weather.  I don't decorate for every season just Fall and Christmas but what little I do do I really enjoy it and love how cozy it makes the house feel.

For a while there my cooking game was off.  I wasn't into it, I was done with cooking what felt like the same thing, it was hot and a hot meal is the last thing I wanted to make, and overall just unmotivated.  I was throwing together quick meals that took minimal effort and this one time in particular my laziness got the best of me.  I thought I was going to be smart and pull my meal in the oven to cook and it would automatically turn off and stay warm until Hendrik got home.  I would be in Mt. Pleasant at MMA so here everyone wins.....WRONG!  I never use my oven timer it doesn't matter if I'm home or not and not being home isn't an option.  I didn't take into account that the oven would be X degrees for still that much longer after it turned off automatically.  The and result was the picture above....an inedible dinner and a very good lesson learned. Since then I'm back to my regular Betty Crocker self in the kitchen and whipping together good and not burned meals.

MMA has been going great and it continues to be such an awesome workout and way to get in my cardio.  I go 2 times a week currently.

We had some nasty ass people leave one of our rent houses in horrible shape with trash and food and such strewn throughout the entire house and pile at least 2 feet deep across the enclosed back porch.  I took one of our guys down one afternoon and we got to burning and cleaning up a bit.  Since we have put in new floors, tile, and wood burning stove and bought paint.  I loved helping Hendrik's mom pull together a design and color scheme that is both inexpensive, durable, yet stylish and functional.  So much fun and wanted me to have a project like this of my own that I can put a bit more into!!!  

Dog sitting Hershey while Mom was on a girl's trip to Beaver's Ben with her bunco group.  He thought it was funny getting in my chair then on my desk to pilfer around.  Little turd!

Both babies, Poppy and Case, loved the not so hot weather where they could chill in their strollers while their mommas got in some walking.  These are just some pics that Lara and Amy sent me and thought they were too cute not to include.

This little elf is growing like a week and is the love of every one's life.  I got him this cute little onesie from Old Navy.  Hendrik and Colby said he looks like Charlie Brown. LOL  

On December 1st, one of our drivers brought this little pig too me.  He's an all white half boxer half American bulldog that we named Max.  He's about 4 times this size now and VERY feisty.  I wasn't really 100% sure I wanted another dog but thought I better just bite the bullet I'm always going to have other responsibilities and I just needed to do it.  Potty training is going good so far, he goes to work with me all day most days, and is crate training at night.  On top of all that he's spoiled rotten!

At the beginning of December Hendrik was off early and decided to try out MMA with me a couple times.  I think he really liked it and it was way different for me to train with someone other than Matt.  It was fun but I don't think I'd want to train with him all the time.  

Hoss isn't liking Max at all.  I think its because he's so puppy and really annoying all he wants to do is jump, bit his tail and ears, and bark and be really rowdy.  I think Hoss is coming around to him a bit more as he gets older and in a few months when he's a bit more out of the puppy stage Hoss and Max will be the best of running buddies.

Work the past month has been super intense.  We have been busy, gotten audited, and just general year end clean up.  A couple weeks back I worked 11 hours on Sunday, was there the next Monday morning at 5 AM, and then on Tuesday there again at 6.  Needless to say I wore myself plum out and it ended up with me being really sick and exhausted for about a week.  I'm glad this month is almost over and that I'm feeling like myself again...sort of LOL.  I know the beginning of the year is going to be crazy too but I hope its a bit more manageable.

Our drinks!!!  Almost every night we drink hot tea mostly in bed because that's where our day ends.  I usually have a mint tea no sugar and Hendrik is hung up on traditional black tea sugared with agave.  Its a relaxing time to end the day and get some good antioxidants.  Speaking of antioxidants how good does the smoothie look? It looks awesome to me but its been a while since I've made one.  I plan on getting back on that train next week my body is screaming for something cold and fresh an stuffed with fiber as well.

More random snaps of Case.  Mom and Lara went shopping and he got some high top sneakers as well.  I had to have a picture and tell Colby we are twinkles now....everyone makes fun of my high tops!  Also a few weeks back I got to watch him for the afternoon while Lara had some training to do at the hospital.  He was perfect and just hung out in his seat and chilled while I got some work done. 

My outfit for the last wedding of the season.  It was actually really cold this day and I should have  worn tights or hose but I didn't and regretted it but oh well.  I loved my jewel toned outfit and finally got to break out my leopard heels that I've worn only a handful of times.  Its hard to pull off leopard heels.  

Now here we are on Christmas day. I've been up since 5:30 drinking coffee and enjoying the quiet before we get loaded down with family and kids for the day.  Here's a sneak peak at my Christmas decor this year.  We have two huge and full trees that I've been working with but this year I just decided to splurge and get a slimmer tree that really fits our space better.  I don't have to move furniture around and it just fits better all around.  I didn't feel bad buying a tree even though we had two because each of our moms gave us those so it has been a good 10 years since I bought a Christmas tree.  We now have 3 tress but one day I'm sure I will put all of them to good use in my mansion!!! LOL

Merry Christmas!  Stay tuned for my new year's resolutions and other general updates!

Frikandel and Frites

At the end of November Hendrik and I stayed in one Saturday, night watched movies, and had one of our favorite Dutch meals....frikandel and frites.  Now your probably saying what the hell is a frikandel?  Well its just what you would think LOL....its essentially a Dutch hot dog but the flavor is way different.  The meat has a really seasoned taste that somehow just works.  The first time I'd ever had a frikandel was in Holland back in March and it was a huge deal.  Its more of a treat and the entire family was involved and super excited. Frites are just french fries that go perfectly with the hot dog style meal.

got my long-John pajamas on and I'm ready to gorge my belly and my mind on food and bad TV

Frikandel are very hard to find outside of Holland because there are a handful of stores in the US that are Dutch stores and none of them are near Texas. With the intense heat its not safe to ship meat and perishable goods.  After we returned from Holland in March I hunted down the store that sold frikandel.  Vanderveen's Dutch store is a store that Hendrik's family buys a lot of Dutch items from and they just so happened to start carrying frikandel.  We had to wait until the "Fall" to get some cooler weather before they would ship them but as soon as we had a few cool days in the forecast Roelie, Hendrik's mom , put in our order!

The cooking process of frikandel is simple and fast.  You simply get a pot of oil hot and once you put in the frikandel you cook them for 5-7 minutes until the color is a nice brown.  Pull them from the hot oil and lay on a plate covered in paper towels.  I wanted to do my meal the most Dutch way so instead of making sweet potato fries or homemade french fries I bought stringy frozen fries and baked them.  In Holland we fry them but that takes a while and that's even more added grease so I opted out of that.

What makes frikandel SPECIAL are the condiments that go along.  Most people like frikandel special and this is what makes it special:

Curry- more like a Dutch ketchup but way better than ketchup more sweet less acid and tomato and there's nothing Indian about it

Frite Sauce- relates most to an American mayonnaise but the Dutch type is very mild and creamy that goes great mixed into other things like curry

Onions- they need no introduction

You mix curry, frite sauce and chopped onions all together to make not only a dipping sauce for your fries but the filling for your frikandel.  Hendrik does all this minus the onions of course and I load mine up!  The end result is a split open frikandel which you fill with your mixture and cut and eat with your fries.

This meal is a once or twice a year type meal and such treat especially having it in the US.  Its so yummy!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Insta Dump #20

November flew by in a blur.  Check it out from my Instagram and follow me @megand1216

 Dutch food with my Dutchman on a Saturday night// Ass to the grass// Case snuggles// outfit for a wedding// put fruit to use made an apple pie// vascular pump// Hendrik and I at MMA// research paper outfit and coffee as my main accessory// Got my Christmas tree up// clean out frig and made awesome mushroom shrimp pasta dish// Fall in Texas

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Before & After: The Chair

The chair!  When Hendrik and I got together back in 2013 his house was a bachelor pad to say the least.  After I was put in charge of decorating and getting some homeyness going I knew the master bedroom needed a chair in one part of the space just to finish it. I found this gem at a store that is like a furniture and home goods good will in Mt. Pleasant called The Garage Sale.  I hunted around Canton and other places but never really found what I was looking for until here.  It was $80 and in perfect condition.  There were no stains on the mustard colored velvet and even had both arm rest covers, which if I was back in the 60's would have for sure been a steal!!!!! It even still had the tags and serial number in the seat from where it was made and sold at Dillard's!  Who knew that Dillard's once sold furniture?  I loaded it up the Fall of 2013 and took off to the house to unload.  The chair filled the space in just the way I wanted it to and at the time the mustard really coordinated with all the camo.

My plans for the chair didn't really come to full fruition until after I moved in in May of 2014.  I wanted a clean, relaxing, yet still rustic and classy master bedroom and I had big plans for my ugly chair.  (see our master bedroom makeover HERE)  Since I was going to whites, blues, and rustic wood I wanted to reupholster my chair in a nice linen type fabric that had some texture to it but was calm and would be classic to any room it was in. I also wanted to make it a bit more modern so I didn't want the skirt to be put back on....now you can see the legs and I also got rid of the arm rest covers.  The hard part came finding an upholsterer.  I think this profession is really almost one of the total past and to this day I only know of 2.  Most people just buy new pieces this day and age and I find that really sad.  Anyways, on our way back from Tyler one day I saw a sign for an upholstery shop in Lindale.  I noted the name and that week called them.  They would be able to make my vision come to life so I raced to find fabric.  I had already been looking online and knew that Joann's Fabric had one that I really liked but there wasn't one of those in the area yet.  I was determined to find my fabric and didn't trust the online fabric shopping experience so one day after work I raced to Longview and happened upon my dream coming to life at Hancock Fabric.  I bought plenty of yardage and was happily on my way.  Later in the week I took the chair on my lunch hour from the bank to Lindale.  I explained to the old man what I wanted and he said it would take about 4 weeks.  I was a bit hesitant after seeing the "shop".  It was inside a tin shed essentially and the owner was so old he was greeting people at the front desk with his oxygen tank and cigarettes.  I just hoped he didn't blow up the place before I got my chair back.  It took about 4 weeks longer than the 4 weeks he told me but finally the day came that it was finished.  I couldn't wait to pick it up and get it home. 

I picked up the chair again on my lunch hour and when I got it home that Fall day in 2014 it completed our master bedroom.  I love the look of the chair with the linen fabric and no skirt and it is still so comfortable.  The cost of the reupholstery was really expensive and since then have found someone who is closer and cheaper that I have since used for other projects and will for sure be using in the future but that's the way these things usually happen.  One day I plan on putting rockers on the chair and turning it into a cozy rocker for a nursery but that day isn't dreamed of yet so for now it looks amazing in our master bedroom and hold clothes more than butts but oh well.  

Old and ugly chair to new, timeless, and classically clean chair was a definite success!

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