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Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall TV & Magazine Indulgence

It has been a while since I've done a post on TV and what I'm watching. It hasn't changed much but you know these are shows that I look forward to all week until they come on again. Sad I know but TV is literally addicting. LOL 

Sons of Anarchy- Last year was my first season to watch and that is all it took…I was hooked.  So hooked that Hendrik and I purchased all the seasons so we could watch the entire lot together over the course of the year and I would be all caught up and in the know.  Now this season is the last season!  We are about three or four episodes in and so far it is a whole lot of killing and not too much else.  I think the writers are more wrapping up all the story lines and not breaking open any new drama since this is the last season.  I'm sad to say I'm a bit disappointed I'd rather it gone out last season with a huge bang...but I guess I will just have to see how it progresses until the finale...maybe I will be surprised.


Amazing Race- This season premiered on a new day…Friday and I’m going for a couple teams.  I haven't really got to narrow down my opinion yet as there are some real winners and just great people this season.  Some of my favorites are:

The Dentists
Soul Surfers

Total Divas- and E! show in its second season and I'm loving everything about it.  I'm not sure if it is the fitness aspect of the shows base or the inside look you get into these characters of WWE lives but it is really good and it's not high drama like housewives just a good look.


Of course we all need a little fantasy and supernatural in our lives so for that I’m sticking to Vampire Diaries and a spin off from it The Originals.  Although the Originals is a spin off I'm liking it more than the original show the Vampire Diaries. 

What are your Fall TV guilty pleasures?

Magazines that I'm scooping up of the racks each month are Oxygen and Hers Muscle and Fitness.  I like Hers a bit more as it is geared to more of the weightlifting that I'm drawn too and more tips and tricks of the trade.  Oxygen is a fantastic all around fitness magazine that I also like reading.

Netflix obsession is Downton Abbey-  This is a British soap and it is FANTASTIC.  I know tons of people who've been hooked on this show so I thought I'd give it a try and they aren't wrong.  It's based on an 1900's aristocratic family in Yorkshire, England and the story lines are based around the family in live in the house, Downton Abbey, and the servant staff. 


Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Day in the Life of Me

I haven’t seen too many of these type of posts even though I know they are out there everywhere but either way I wanted to do one….Take a photo an hour from waking up until going to bed to document your day.
Here we go!

Wake up! 4:45


Working out 5:45


Breakfast 6:45


Driving to work 7:45
getting organized for my day 8:45
Start on daily balancing 9:45
Still working 10:45

Lunch and studying in my car 11:45
back to afternoon work 12:45
working and a bit of Internet grazing 1:45

Heading out to a meeting 2:45

Back on the road to school with my dinner 4:45
Arriving ready for class for the next few hours 5:45
Out of class early but eating carrots to tide over late night cravings 7:45
Rocking out driving home...almost there 8:45
Clean kitchen now time for bed 9:45
Wheewww I'm tired reliving that.  As you can see this is what my Tuesday looks like and every other day I just as full even if I'm not on the road quite as much with school I'm always into something. 
What does a day in your shoes look like?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is two months and 1 day away and that means I need to get my little wish list together.  All though it may not be big it is great. LOL  Here are a few things that I want, need, and love!

Want my annual new purse
Fossil Preston Tote

Fossil Erin Satchell

Need and Want tickets to Amsterdam to help kick off an epic Euro trip I want to go on in March

Need more containers for food storage. It seems lately all I have are a ton of mismatched lids but nothing to cover!  It's like mismatched sock pairs how does this happen??

Need and Love this version of a 2-in-1 Tablet/ Laptop by Lenovo.  My current laptop is starting to become very outdated and its showing in the lack of speed and computing.  Since I will be done with school soon there is no need to get a whole new laptop or desktop and but I still want that functionality.  This 2-in-1 is everything plus some!

Lenovo Yoga 2-in-1

Want and Love Kendra Scott earrings.  They are so classy and a bit of  a splurge for myself so these would make a great gift.

Love these Elle earrings designed in the color bar

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Book Review: Supreme Justice & Suspicious

Two months ago I posted THIS reading list of books I'd like to complete by the end of the year.  Well that list is three books lighter now.  One was the reading of the newest Vampire Diaries book, of course it was wonderful and I flew threw it in a day or two.  The other two were Supreme Justice and the fourth book in the On the Run series by Sara Rosett, Suspicious. 

First let me talk about Supreme Justice.... Whoa ya'll it has been a while since a book got me but this one did.  The ending will throw you for so many loops it's unreal.  I was not expecting the outcome to be anything like it was.  I will definitely be checking out more Max Collins books.  I hope they are as good as my first experience.

Amazon Synopsis:
After taking a bullet for his commander-in-chief, Secret Service agent Joseph Reeder is a hero. But his outspoken criticism of the president he saved—who had stacked the Supreme Court with hard-right justices to overturn Roe v. Wade, amp up the Patriot Act, and shred the First Amendment—put Reeder at odds with the Service’s apolitical nature, making him an outcast. FBI agent Patti Rogers finds herself paired with the unpopular former agent on a task force investigating the killing of Supreme Court Justice Henry Venter. Reeder—nicknamed “Peep” for his unparalleled skills at reading body language—makes a startling discovery while reviewing a security tape: the shooting was premeditated, not a botched robbery. Even more chilling, the controversial Venter may not be the only justice targeted for death... Is a mastermind mounting an unprecedented judicial coup aimed at replacing ultra-conservative justices with a new liberal majority? To crack the conspiracy and save the lives of not just the justices but also Reeder’s own family, rising star Rogers and legendary investigator Reeder must push their skills—and themselves—to the limit.

Now for Suspicious.  This book like I said above is the fourth book in the series by Sara Rosett.  I stumbled upon this series a couple years back and I will randomly check Amazon to see if any new books have been published to it. To my surprise I discovered that Sara was putting out another book in the On the Run series and I had to pre-order it immediately.  I have read the other three books  and reviewed the first two HERE and HERE !  I love the travel, adventure, and mystery that goes into these books. 

Amazon Synopsis:
Zoe and Jack’s trip to Rome was supposed to be a romantic one-year anniversary celebration with a little business on the side. Jack’s fledgling security company has landed the plum assignment of providing additional security for the opening night gala of a museum exhibit featuring priceless gems. However, the easy job turns complicated when they discover the exhibit is the next target of a cat burglar who has struck several times in recent months, snatching up a hoard of sparkling jewels. Opening night goes off without a hitch, but then the police accuse them of switching the real gems for fakes. With the exhibit’s organizer missing and planted diamonds showing up in their belongings, Zoe and Jack are forced to delve into the shady side of the diamond trade in a search for the culprit, a journey that takes them from the fountains and piazzas of the Eternal City to the snow-capped Alps. On the Run Series Notes: Book #1: Elusive Book #2: Secretive Book #3: Deceptive Book #4: Suspicious

Monday, October 13, 2014

Bachelor Pad Before

When Hendrik and I started dating his house was only a couple months old. 
It still had that new wood smell, it had only 2 camo couches, a huge TV, and his bed was on the floor.  The freezer was stocked with Totino's pizzas and the frig had tea, milk, and cereal. 
Hurray!!! For the bachelor life. 
His house was bachelor pad if I'd ever seen one.  He had been more occupied with work and hadn't made his house a home.  I'm glad he wasn't worried about it because I took care of everything.  I got him a house warming gift...3 mirrors for the two bathrooms from Lowes and so my interior obsession with a new, clean space began. 
Before I get into all the new looks, design, and décor that has taken over a year to perfect lets take a walk down memory lane to see what it looked like last year.

Hendrik's bachelor pad- 1 year ago

master bath...the vintage ducks I framed after I printed them from the Internet

I added the mirrors and flower arrangement about a month in.. before there was NOTHING but light fixtures

Master bedroom- I bought a frame to get the bed off the floor and made the headboard from cedar planks cut by Hendrik

spiced up this blank wall with a little deer silhouette

ordinary laundry room

Living room- lamps and side tables I got from Target, we hung the taxidermy duck and goose he killed


Dining area- tree art work is from Target, counter height dining table is from Sam's

Guest Bath- this, at the time, was his roommates bath room and he decorated it in gaudy western décor
Guest room
 There you have the bachelor HOUSE....stay tuned as I get ready to show you now a shared HOME!

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Insta Dump #6

September from my Instagram!  Boy time is flying these past couple months!

quintessential summer treat// bedtime stories//fall lights and camo pants// working out my back// coconut pies for Hendrik's birthday// accounting is my life// new cow prints for the spare bath// my downton abbey obsession// killing my bi's// carrot cravings// lyric wrongs

Insta Dump #5

The last of our August Summer from Instagram! Yes, I know it's late but it's better than NEVER! I have about 50 drafts haunting my blogger account and I'm trying to get around to them.  Slowly but surely...until then fancy yourself some of my life from August. :)

Saturday workouts//started our new closet//an awesome lightening storm// shopping trip with Elizabeth// Hoss and I hanging out alone//early morning selfie// clean car// started back to school//spoils from shopping trip// Caleb's first game of the fb season//date night//coffee on a Saturday//new bar stools finally arrived

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