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Sunday, August 28, 2016


Case turned 1 year old on August 10th and this little boy has us all wrapped around his little fingers and toes and everything in between.  I get to watch him every other Monday and Tuesday and we get a lot of work and play done at the office.  I love watching him grow and learn and see his little personality show.  He has 2 teeth with 2 more coming in and is getting really brave with his walking skills.  Here are some snaps of him and us over the last few months!

 being silly while eating baby food

hanging out in his outdoor play pen as I garden

Just a little selfie fun

looking super cute as we feed the baby calf

sleepy time at the office

sweet summertime eating a lot of watermelon

this boy loves anything with a motor and outside

playing hard makes you thirsty and Case can't get enough of ice water

all relaxed

On his birthday we took 12 month pictures which was a real challenge

Eating breakfast at the office this past Tuesday ready to tackle the day
Hendrik and I love this little boy so much and we are so lucky that my brother and Lara let us keep him and love him!

AC/DC Concert and a Staycation in Dallas

Back in December of 2015 we heard that AC/DC was going to be doing another tour and they were coming to Dallas.  I was on the ticket hunt and the day they went on sale I snatched up two floor seats for Hendrik and I.

We decided to make a little stay-cation out of it so on February 22nd, Monday, Hendrik came with me to Dallas.  I had class downtown Monday night so before class we checked into our hotel and had a drink at the rooftop bar.  We stayed at the Nylo on the Southside of downtown Dallas and it was so neat.  It was freshly renovated and is styled as urban rustic.  It was really nice and we got a great deal on the 2 night stay.  

Sunsetting on my way to class
Tuesday, February 23rd, I planned on us to explore the parks and things all around downtown but the day turned out to be chilly and rainy so we settled for some window shopping and actual shopping at North Park Mall.  Mid afternoon we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner and the concert.  I made us reservations for the restaurant in the Reunion Tower owned by Wolfgang Puck.  It was Asian fusion which isn't our normal style of food but we both found something that we really liked and the sushi roll we got as an appetizer was THE BEST SUSHI we've ever had to-date.  

One of the views from the top of the tower as we rotated.  It was still rainy and cloudy so the views weren't as good as I know they can be but it was still a really neat experience that I'm glad we got to do together.

I had a pasta dish with a filet of fish and lobster bisque.  It was so creamy and amazing I wish I had another bowl to eat. 

Hendrik had steak
After dinner it was time to rock out!  We got to the American Airlines center a bit early but that was fine.  We were able to get our souvenirs bought, drinks, and find our seats in plenty of time.  We caught the opening act. I can't remember who the guy was but he was pretty good.  

The concert started and just like the AC/DC concert in Germany that I went to
there really aren't words to describe the awesomeness that is AC/DC
The set up was a little different but a lot of the same and the set of songs was a bit different but OMG it was just so awesome.  The energy was a little different in Dallas because it was mainly a more subdued older crowd rather than a really rowdy crowd that was in Germany.  Hendrik loved it and we both had such a good time. 

Angus rocked out solo and again it was just so awesome seeing a rock legend tear it up

AC/DC is one of the most epic rock bands of all time and I'm so pumped that we got to see them again and right before Brian Johnson had to leave the tour because of hearing problems.  I'm guessing this will be probably their last tour and if not then just like the time before these I will be there to rock out!

To read about my other AC/DC concert in 2009 click HERE

Wednesday morning we had a really mediocre and expensive hotel breakfast, grabbed coffee next door and headed out to get groceries at Sams and head home.

Again AC/DC put on an amazing show and Hendrik enjoyed some good down time together experiencing some really new and neat things together.

Keep Rocking

Insta Dump # 28

July was the last REALLY busy month of the summer.  We accomplished a ton of projects and from the looks of my Instagram....I worked out a lot...per usual LOL!  Follow along HERE!

Homemade spaghetti sauce// nap time and office work// blurry for a reason butt selfie// wet from cardio but still smiling// after a weekend in Austin still had abs// loving all the fresh and free veggies we grew// squat LOW// finally a finished chicken coop// new under armour shoes// amazing gym in Austin// case eating watermelon// safety first on the smith machine// arm pump so hard had to cut off my sleeves// construction leads to nice backroad drives

Insta Dump #27

June was an awesome month.  Although I'm super behind on my blogging I do plan on catching up in detail all the happenings of the past SEVERAL months but here is a sneak peak into what went on!
butt pump// huge low calorie salad// baby got back muscles// salmon and garden veggies for supper// brunch at the grove for Elizabeth's bachelorette weekend// we got our couples pics back and OMG// cute bar necklace I had made in London// international travel is hard on Caleb// peace out Dublin// dressed up for Elizabeth's wedding// a couple who workouts together stays together// FBF on this glass of wine in dublin// case helping feed the calf// first day to grapple// multitasking at the laundromat

Insta Dump #26

My May Instagram feed was short but oh was it SWEET!  A lot going on in these few pictures!  Follow along on Instagram HERE!

All dressed up for Elizabeth's bridal shower// Hendrik helping clean// Case being silly// an awesome macro friendly meal// Starbucks stop to get me through a night class in Dallas// righting some term papers on the front porch// baby hand dimples// getting a tiny waist in increased cardio// graduation day for my masters// Caleb's high school graduation// a quick beach vacation to the Dominican// pretty flowers on the fence row

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