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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Favorite Instagram Picture

I love this picture simply because it depicts so many things to me…

Hendrik on top of a big truck of corn silage during first year corn chop

Love, hard work, and the sexy man I love.  Not to mention that it is a pretty artsy fartsy picture and I was lucky to snap it just at the right time of day and all.  I think I’m going to do what my Mom’s friend, Monica, suggested and turn this picture into a canvas for our house. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Much Needed Rant!

I’m going to vent….

I’m really tired of people proclaiming to have certain attributes or claiming to handle a situation one way but when presented with these things they completely renege and are just fake or maybe see themselves one way and aren’t capable of following through in the situation.  Most of the time things like this don’t bother me but when someone else’s bullshit gets shoveled onto my plate because they are overloaded and that stems from weaknesses such as lack of time management, unorganized, and inefficiency then I have a HUGE problem.  All these things can be fixed.  Also, all these things in my mind are a non issue when I’m involved and are some of my biggest pet peeves (besides smacking food).  I totally understand that not everyone is Type A, organized, efficient freak of nature like I am but I also have the understanding that no matter what I get into if I commit then I’m going full throttle.  It may be something I chose to commit to like a hobby or working out or it may be something that is work related and sometimes those things are uncontrollable but either way I attack life like a bull.  I give it the horns, in return I get bull…just the shit not the horns.  I find it ridiculous that when someone expects you to perform a specific task and later you may be tasked several other things but either way you are expected either literally or figuratively to accomplish the tasks fully and efficiently.  If there are problems then communication is key to finding a solution.  When did it become acceptable to under perform and when done continuously there are NO consequences?  On the other hand when the sucky person can’t handle life the norm has become to find someone who already goes above and beyond their expectations and dump it on them since they have proven their capability all the while that only alleviates pressure from the sucky person and allows them to get off scott free (with a shit eating grin plastered on their smug face).  I understand that this can happen on occasion and of course it’s no big deal but when the same crap person repeatedly cries and can’t produce why doesn't someone do something.  You are expected to do a task when unable to complete this over and over it seems that this person may not be properly placed.  In my life this is the way it works…. You are expected to perform a task I will get several chances to mess up and learn my task but after about the 3rd time we probably have a bigger issue than just life happened.  More than likely this is YOUR error.  You need to be disciplined or better yet relieved of your duties and I will find someone better equipped. Not only are situations like this disheartening because I’m obviously getting shit on but they make me compromise my personal set of beliefs and THAT my people isn't cool.


It all goes back to THIS rant….NOT EVERYONE is a WINNER! 
NOT everyone gets or deserves a trophy sometimes you suck and you need to get over it and then there are times that it's just not meant to be and if you are too dumb to accept this then someone needs to move you on themselves....PERMANENTLY.  I'm not an anomaly, a genius, or better than anyone but I guess I just hold myself to a high standard and expect the same from others...is that so hard.  Everyone has their faults but I hate when other's weaknesses and failures effect me.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fall Bucket List

September is here,
the wind has picked up,
it's a bit cooler at night,
and it's still hot
But that's not going to stop me from putting out my pumpkin decor and calling it Fall. 
It is Texas and we could quite possibly get an ice storm any day now. HaHa! 
To wrap up Summer I'm doing another bucket list of things I hope to accomplish this season but first need to update my final Summer list. 
I didn't have too much success with marking off a lot of items on my list but the ones that I did get to mark off really counted and were a lot of fun so I guess that's all that matters. Of course there's always more I could have done or more to be better at but I had a fantastic Summer away from school and enjoyed a lot of new and old things.

  • Plan and have a get together at the house with friends and play volleyball
  • Go to a Rangers Game
  • Sell my house
  • Go on a girls trip
  • Ride my bicycle frequently
  • Plant a garden
  • Finish school with a bang
  • Plan a Fall trip
  • Attend my 2nd Hyrdo Stream shoot out with Hendrik and our couple friends
  • Wash my car weekly
  • Go on dates to winery and new restaurants
  • Start new blog series (in progress)
  • Surf and soak up the sun and water at the lake
  • Get my tan on in my lounge chairs in the back yard
  • Go to Canton
  • Get more blogging done since Hendrik is working late hours and I'm not in school
  • Do more DIY
  • Have pictures taken in the corn before harvest
  • Relax, unwind and enjoy every minute of free time and sunshine

    NOW for my Fall list. 
    I've been doing this for a couple of years now and you can always click on my Fall label in the right side bar or other named seasons to see past bucket lists. 
    There are a few items that just keep popping up (visit a winery, hike in OK, visit a haunted house) mainly because I never get around to them but this season I really am going to strive to utilize my time and get all these fun activities and to dos marked off my list. 

    Wednesday, September 10, 2014

    I'm Rich Bitch

    Not really but if I happened to win a 20 million jackpot lottery this is how I’d spend it….
    • Pay off current debit (car, credit card, student loans)- duh that's what everyone always wants to do first off just pay bills.
    • Purchase  a big honking piece of land- I have just the place in mind...If I could take the German into selling ;)
    • Build my most amazing dream house EVER- This would probably take a while simply due to the fact that I would have to inspect a bajillion houses to make sure I had every last detail since this is going to be my first and last dream house.
    • Quit my job and live on said and in said dream house and do what I want all day...help run Hendrik's company, utilize by degree, and do something creative like interior design.
    • Travel to a new country once a quarter- I want to enjoy my dream house but now that I have essentially unlimited funds I see no good reason to not have awesome vacations whenever I want.  Once a quarter is a perfect number because as soon as you get that feeling of "I need a vacation" welp...guess what it's that time again.
    • Invest so I can be a stay at home mom and still do what I want while living off interest- after I splurge on the listed items I would sink all the money into very safe investments to I can continue to do what ever I'd like and still have millions.

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