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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Taking Stock

I saw this on a few blogs over the years and since I've turned into the worst blogger and am dying for content and motivation to post all my drafts I figured this would be a good ice-breaker to what's going on with me right now.  It's not a lot but its the small details in life!

Making : travel plans for a friend, I found an awesome site called Trip Masters
Cooking : supper for tonight, baked chicken breast with red potatoes and greenbeans
Drinking : lots of water
Reading : Pretty Little Liars #10

Wanting : to complete an old to do list with house chores on it like programming my car to the garage door 
Looking: at an empty desk....I don't feel like working today
Playing: around on the internet wasting my day
Wasting: time like always but immediately wishing for it back
Wishing: that my muscles would grow faster lol call me muscle barbie

Enjoying: the sunny days with less rain
Waiting: on my load of laundry to finish
Liking: that its Summertime and lake weather finally
Wondering: where we will decide to vacation next year...Thailand, Philippines, or Fiji
Loving: my life in general- Hendrik and I are awesome and the rest smooth sailing

Hoping: to get into my garden this weekend and really give it some TLC
Marveling: at how fast my hair grows when I take supplements for bodybuilding 
Needing: a DVR binge- Housewives of OC, Pretty Little Liars, and Married at First Sight OMG
Smelling: a clean house
Wearing: gym clothes
Noticing: how dirty my window seal is....

Knowing: I'm so busy with work right now, I want everyday to be Friday so I can rest for 2 days
Thinking: of fun things I want to accomplish this Summer...hello a blog series I've been dying to do for over a year
Bookmarking: new blog designs
Opening: boxes from Bodybuilding.com
Feeling: overwhelmed with my to do list

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