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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wish Lists

I have been seeing tons of things that I wish my pocket book would allow me to buy mainly just frivolous things that I don't really need but are wants for my birthday (December), Christmas, or just because you love me! :)

~Realistic Wish List~

Tupperware you can never have enough
Lowes gift card

tow package for my Jeep

work clothes from a revamped JCP

New Fossil purse

Then there's things I'm just lusting after….
Things for Hendrik's house like....
~this rug from Garnet Hill for the living room~
 ~these Hillsdale Furniture barstools for the kitchen~
~This website shadesoflight.com ~
~and a whole new wardrobe from Target for me.  I love Target for all things but their new arrivals are killing me...and I'm not even a clothes shopper!!!~
Unrealistic Wish List
Travel to: 
  • New Zealand
  • Europe
  • Back to the Middle East
  • Outdoors trips to Big Bend, The Grand Canyon, N & S Carolina, DC, Tennessee, Canada
you know what they say...."you can wish in one hand and __________ in another"
Happy Hump Day

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  1. Why is it that you always find things you want when you DON'T have money? Ugh. I'm in the same boat, and my wish list keeps growing!


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