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Monday, September 23, 2013

Love Rut

No this isn’t a bad post about love….I’m happier than ever and so in love!!! But being so has caused me to neglect, procrastinate, and even throw other things completely out the window in lieu of spending every minute I can with Hendrik.  This is by no means his fault unless I can blame him for being too cute, funny, fun  to be around, and sexy to boot it is all on me.  I’m entering my fifth week of school and guess how far behind I am…..4 weeks! 
YIKES I know!  I just now like…three days…. ago hung up all my clothes and put away clean laundry that’s dated back to the beginning of JULY.  Hey at least it was clean and not dirty!  And my poor work family has been put through the ringer because of all my procrastination on school, PMS, and me being sick last week I was a total bitch!  This week is a bit better but my main goal is that I have to get my butt in gear and get caught up and motivated about school!  I’m so close yet so far away and I’m just not feeling it.  Over the next month and really the rest of the semester my goal is to stay home Monday thru Wed and get homework done, Thursday’s are out because I actually have to go to school straight from work and then Friday kicks off the weekend.  I think if I start getting up a bit earlier to fit in a workout before work I will feel better too! 

I can only blame love myself!

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