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Monday, September 23, 2013

Fall TV

Can we talk fall TV for a minute or maybe 30?!  I have come across a new show that I’m in love with + I’m HIGHLY anticipating my all-time favorite shows premiere their new fall season + a show that I know I’m going to love that is a brand new spin off. 
o   Pretty Little Liars Halloween Special October 22nd
OMG!  I can’t stand the wait on this show.  I know it’s high school and, like Gossip Girl, it will end in the next year or two because they will all be leaving Rosewood but holy molly the writers keep you hooked through twists and turns so fast and hard I have whiplash.  Piper and I love this show and we are constantly texting back and forth OMGs and What the Hells when something dramatic happens.  Is Ezra “A” or is he just following and worried about Aria now that Maggie and Malcolm are out of the picture?   I can’t wait to see what the spooks they have in store for us on the Halloween Special!

o   Ravenswood- first season premiere October 22nd  following PLL
This show is a spin off from PLL and Caleb will be starring in this show along with a recurring role in PLL.  This show, I think, is going to be on the darker side and way more mysterious than PLL but I think the tie in will be good.  I’m giving it a shot because the preview looks pretty suspenseful.

o   NCIS new season premiere September 24th and spoiler Zeva is leaving! 
I love NCIS. I got hooked on it while in Iraq because out of the 5 channels that came in USA was one of them and they always have NCIS on.  I love the episodes with Zeva rather than Kate and I’m sad to hear she’ll be leaving the show.  I hope they replace her with someone equally as good.  I love all the characters on this show, each are unique and I love them all differently. LOL  I am excited for this season because the finale of last season really left us hanging.  I didn’t realize how many people love this show because it’s not super talked about but I’ve found that if I do bring it up people are always on the NCIS bandwagon. 

o   Amazing Race season premiere Sunday Sept 29th
As we all know I LOVE the Amazing Race.  I’ve talked about it many times before HERE and HERE and many other times. LOL  I still vow that one day you’re going to see me on this show and who knows Hendrik might be my partner.  I think besides my girlfriends we would make a great team because we work well together and respect each other’s opinions as well as ask for each other’s input on things.  After browsing the CBS website and looking over the teams I’m going for the dating couple Jason & Amy and I also like the baseball wives Nicky & Kim.  Now this may change because last year I was wwwaaayyy wrong with my initial prediction at who was going to be a top team and it took me a while to find the groove of another favorite team and really root for them.  I'm going to cook etouffe for the premiere just like I did last year so it will be a night of treats!
o   Sons of Anarchy
FX has gone and outdone themselves…this show rivals True Blood when it comes to the sex and the scandal.  Hendrik is a SOA watcher and even got Direct TV just for the season premiere.  Before he was in no hurry…he’s been in his house for about 6 months now. LOL  That shows how important it is right there.  I’ve  just started watching this season (6) and I’m hooked.  I’m ready to go back from season 1 and watch from the beginning so I don’t have to ask so many questions but WOW these people are crazy, loyal, backstabbers, and drama!!!  If you don’t watch this show and don’t mind a little raunchy motorcycle club action then check it out. Oh and the main guy, Jax, has been cast as MR. CHRISTIAN GREY!

 o   Vampire Diaries season premiere October 3rd
It seems like Vampire Diaries has been off the air for a year.  I love this show and have been watching it from the very beginning I’ve also read all the books that the show is originally based on.  Like True Blood the books vs. show are completely different but just as good in their own right.  Damon! Oh Damon!  Is there anything left to say….I think not.  Here's the perfect run down of what's happened...what's to happen!

o   Top Chef New Orleans season premiere October 2nd
Oh my.... like the Amazing Race I’ve watched Top Chef for years.  I can’t really remember when I first started watching or what got me hooked but I love it.  I love cooking and although the food that they cook is nowhere near my level I’m sure I’d like it if I ate it.  I also love how this show is based out of a different city each season.  This season is New Orleans and that makes it even better.  NOLA is on my wish list to go visit and explore on a super long weekend and this will only increase that craving. 

Obviously by my list of shows I’m a loyal follower to shows that I love and have loved for years.  Another thing is that even though most of these shows have been on the air for a long time they are just as interesting and noteworthy as the first season was.  I guess that’s why they are hit shows and why I keep coming back for more. 
What shows are you looking forward to watching this Fall season?

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  1. Yay Top Chef and Sons!!!! Sons is my favorite show ever. And Jax is SO SEXY. Perfect for Christian Grey. You HAVE to start at season 1 and work your way up.


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