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Friday, May 3, 2013


Friday's blog topic is things that make you uncomfortable.  Again....these topics are really brain exercises for me!  I really have to think about things because they aren't things that just come up you know...
Right off some things that make me uncomfortable are:
*  A warm toilet seat...isn't that weird because you know someone's ass was just there
* Conflict of any kind.  I act all hard but conflict and confrontation really makes me uncomfortable
* Heavy drinking frequently...because the way it makes people act makes me uncomfortable.  You never know what's going to happen.
* Being around a new group of women....you all know what I'm talking about I'm sure...that feeling that they are all friends and you're the odd girl out
* Funerals...because I never really know what to say.  No matter really what you say it's not going to make the mourners feel better so I've learned that just showing up is really enough because that says sometimes more than any words
Those are a few that I could think of...not sure if their are more in my little brain...I'm sure there are but I don't know what they are right now.


  1. i can agree with the war toilet... yuck!

  2. tooootally hear you on the new group of women thing...suuuuper uncomfortable!


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