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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Challenge...Catch Up

Well I fell off the Blog Every Day in May challenge this week. 

It was kind of a hectic week with finals, new babies (SSOO PRECIOUS), surgery (Lincoln's Mom), and a pinning ceremony (Lara)!  I was gone pretty much every night of the week.  So today I slept in until 9:15ish....a real feat for me these days since I'm usually up by 7 and then watched crazy bitches on LMN ALL day long.  LOL  I haven't got to relax and enjoy being lazy without the constant nag of school work in the back of my mind so it was well deserved and much needed.

Let's catch up shall we.

Day 7: Thing (s) I'm most afraid of

If I really think about what I'm afraid of and not vain, silly thinks like gaining a ton of weight and having ugly children....
These are two fears I do have
But come on they really aren't fears when it comes to all the other horrible things that are in this world. 
So after thinking my answer is....
I'm most afraid of someone very close to me losing their health and/or me losing someone very close to me like my Mom.  If I really think about it and the way it must feel I get choked up...it's got to be the worst feeling ever and since that is so unknown to me it is very scary!
Day 8: A piece of advice
Gosh there's so many little snippets of advice that I could say that my Mom has always preached to me like..
protect your reputation in the way you act and who you hang out with because it's going to follow you the rest of your life
But one that I like that has proved well for me and is something I really had to learn is
It stems from my favorite bible verse and is even tattooed on my wrist in Arabic. 
See HERE for more history on why love is patient.
Day 9: A moment in my day
This is what my desk looks like by 9 everyday and it gets worse before it ever gets better but at the end of the day it's all clean and all the work is done.  It's a really good feeling of accomplishment when I can get it all done.
Day 10: Most embarrassing moment
I don't get embarrassed easily and really I had to think on this a while before I could think of something that I considered embarrassing.  I came up with a time in Iraq when I was venting to a co-worker about a guy friend and accidentally sent the email to the GUY and not my co-worker...I was mortified and tried covering my ass but I don't know if it worked.
Day 11: Sell myself in 10 words
Hard working
Ok so now I'm all caught up and I hope to stay on track from here on out. :)

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