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Sunday, May 12, 2013


Today's topic is something that I miss be it a place, person, thing whatever...

I decided to go with being able to TRAVEL every 3 months and the sky be the limit!  When I was in Iraq and RnR time came around I would scour the map and hand select a destination...it was so awesome.  I loved being able to go where ever I wanted and to learn so much about that place, experience the culture, and have so many new adventures. 

Some of my adventures during that time:

Germany & Austria- I haven't even posted all the stuff that went down in Germany and Austria except the famed AC/DC concert (hangs head in shame I really need to do that) but either way it is my homeland and such an awesome place.  The people are so nice, friendly, and feel like family!

Thailand- OMG Thailand....my retirement country.  I cried when I left there.  Mia and I had such an amazing time

Dubai- packed with putting a new spin on an old culture

Egypt- OLD and sometimes trashy but you can't miss it all the same

Although those adventures were so amazing I still get to have adventures now that I'm back living in the U.S. they are just spaced further out!  I also get to experience a lot of new and awesome things with Lincoln and that makes it even more fun.  Not only am I making memories of adventures in a new place but I'm also making memories with my love and that makes our relationship and life so much richer!

Some of my adventures since I 've been home

Girl trip to San Antonio

Skiing in New Mexico with my love

Countless Canton hauls

Shopping in Shreveport, LA

upcoming Mexico vacation with my love

I don't really know what I miss I mean I used to travel every 3 month but Linc and I are going on vacation in June and that will make 2 vacations in a 6 month span so....I think we are doing just fine. LOL

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