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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Being an Independent Woman

Today's topic is to write about something that you know a lot about or are good at.  I was talking with my lunch group about the Blog Every Day in May challenge and explaining to them that I find these type of topics very hard to talk about.  I mean I don't consider myself an expert or knowledgeable enough about one topic to write about it.  I just feel like I'm tooting my own horn but I know that it's interesting for others to read and also allows our readers to learn about us so.... I guess I'll figure something out. LOL  After discussing it over with my friends at work I decided that I would talk about being independent. 

I've always been an independent take charge type of person and I pride myself on this quality.  I have had many successes in my short 26 years that some people twice my age have never accomplished.  I love being independent and knowing that the sky is the limit.  Don't tell me I can't do something because I can do anything as long as I set my mind to it.  I don't scare easily when it comes to tasks that most people aren't used to doing by themselves.  I have traveled alone...see Egypt HERE!  I bought my second home, furnished, and decorated it all by my lonesome...see house posts HERE!  I think these are great accomplishments and they give me great challenges that keep my life interesting. 

When it comes to love and relationships it takes a special partner to handle someone like me...LOL  I don't want a man that's too controlling but still a man.  Lincoln is the perfect fit for me in this area.  We are the same enough but different enough and he knows that I am going to do what I put my mind to.  I may ask for his opinion or help because I want his involvement but not because I need it. 

My best friend asked me a few months ago if I could live without Lincoln?  I think that my answer is the definition in a way of independence.....

I said that of course I could live without him...I CAN live without lots of things but the real question is do I WANT to live without him and the answer to that is NO!  People who aren't independent or confident in themselves say things like..."Oh I could never live without him or her or this or that" uuuhh yeah you can you aren't going to die...you just don't want to! 

Anyways I think that sort of took a turn off topic but I feel that I know about being independent in love, life, and travel!

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