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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Day in th Life of...ME

Part of the Blog Every Day in May challenge is day 15 (describe a day in your life) 
I don't live an exciting life folks and I'm sure like the most of the world I have my exciting moments but this is the ever day....

  • wake up at the last possible second that allows me to get ready and race to work by 8 sharp
  • then work with numbers and making sure they match for the next 8 hours with a lovely hour break in there for lunch.  
  • 3 co-workers and I have formed what we like to call lunch bunch and they are the best.  We get to vent, laugh, and bond over ramon noodles and hot pockets. LOL 
  • I leave work anywhere between 5 and 7 depending on what time of the month it is then head home to fix dinner, blog, spend time with Lincoln, and any house work that needs to be done to maintain our superb living conditions. (excluding laundry of course) LOL 
  • We are usually in bed around 10 where we visit and I read a good bit on my Kindle

Riveting isn't it LOL :)

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