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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Book Reviews: Elusive & Secretive

I found a couple really great books a month or so back when I was browsing the fiction, travel genre on Amazon.  Sara Rosett isn't an author that I've read before but her books really draw you in and you feel like your running along the sinking streets of Venice with Zoe Hunter.  I love all the travel, mystery, and a little romance that these two books have to offer.

Not only are they great reads but they are inexpensive and great for your upcoming vacations or just lounging outside enjoying the weather!  The only downfall I have read both books that are out BEFORE my vacay.  That's ok though because I have a real travel read waiting for the beaches of Mexico.

Elusive (On the Run Book #1)

Amazon Synopsis
Zoe Hunter loves living on the edge. Free-spirited and spontaneous, she’s built a life stringing together various freelance gigs that keep her bank account barely in the black.
But when her ex, Jack, goes missing along with several million dollars from his business and the FBI zeros in on her as a person of interest, Zoe’s life goes from delightfully unpredictable to downright frightening.
Plunged into a world of fake identities, deception, and murder, she’s afraid to trust anyone. Zoe impulsively skips town in a search for answers that takes her from Las Vegas to Italy, but instead of tracking down answers, she only uncovers more questions.
Who was Jack? Is he dead or did he fake his disappearance? And, what was he mixed up in—art theft, the mafia, espionage, or all three?

Secretive (On the Run Book #2)

Amazon Synopsis
Zoe Hunter thought all the questions surrounding her ex’s mysterious past had been answered. She couldn’t have been more wrong.
Free-spirited Zoe lives an unconventional life. She tried the nine-to-five office routine, but it was like the death of a thousand cuts—paper cuts, that is. But still, she couldn’t take it and vowed to make a living outside a cubicle. Now she’s a “Jill of All Trades,” taking on freelance copy-editing, property management, and even dog walking gigs. Sure, it’s a little insecure, but Zoe isn’t exactly what you’d call cautious.
Normally, she loves surprises and the unknown, except when it comes in the form of a mysterious package, visits from the FBI, and thugs showing up on her jogging route. Zoe isn’t sure who she’s more afraid of, the FBI or the thugs, so she makes a snap decision and skips town to follow the clues in the package, which takes her to London, where she suspects she’ll find her ex, Jack.
The authorities think he’s dead, but Zoe doesn’t agree. Can she find her elusive ex? And what about her new tenet with the shy smile and sexy stubble? Why does he keep popping up in her life? Zoe will have to use her rather eccentric skill set to answer those questions, all the while dodging someone who wants to make this trip abroad her last.
Keep a look out this summer for the upcoming third book in the On the Run trilogy.... Deceptive (On the Run Book #3).
What will Zoe and Jack get into next?
Happy Traveling and Happy Reading

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  1. Thanks for the book suggestions. I need some good books to read this summer while lounging by the pool!
    love ya!


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