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Sunday, May 19, 2013

It's a hard knock life

Once again, if it's not apparent, I've fallen behind on the Blog Every Day in May challenge BUT I plan on still blogging about every topic it just may not be on the same day.  I really am enjoying this challenge because not only do I get to blog about things I've never blogged about before it's also helping me be more creative in coming up with my own creative blog posts. 

Without further chatter the 16th day of the Blog Every Day in May challenge is to talk about something that is hard in my life and how I'm over coming it!  Wow that's not hard at all....LOL

Even though I'm a total realist I really don't have any complaints of my life that are major hurdles.  I guess if I had to really think and discuss something it would be to remember that I can't have it all right now.  I am a very motivated and independent person and it is really hard for me to sit back and wait.  Oh did I mention I'm highly impatient. LOL  I'm a doer especially when it's something I've put my mind to so when I know that I want something but can't have it right then it drives me crazy.  It sort of takes over and is top priority.  I do all that I can to make whatever the goal is happen.  I'm sure your thinking yeah a real problem but I think sometimes it is a real problem because instead of living and enjoying the now I'm constantly working towards a future goal.  I don't think neither of these things are bad but too much of one and the lack of the other is. 
I'm trying to balance and remind myself that I don't always have to plan and do for the future but to just stop and enjoy the happenings of today.  I'm so fortunate and super blessed to have a great family, close friends, a boyfriend that puts up with my crazy antics, a steady job, and beautiful place to lay my head at the end of the day.  Not to mention all the opportunities that I get to jump at in between.

Not a very hard life and even if it was look at all the stuff I have to be thankful for!

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