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Sunday, May 26, 2013

My 5 Favorite Blogs

On my Bloglovin account I have all the blogs I follow sorted into 2 categories just regular everyday blogs and the blogs that are MUST READS!  The must read folder are the blogs that I've come across and I love them so much.  They post often and their content is interesting.  These are the blogs that I really stalk LOL and if I ever come into real life contact with these ladies I would be like a tween at a Justin Beiber concert. LOL 

* The Freckled Fox...I've blogged about Emily's blog before HERE but that's not going to stop me from putting her in my faves.  I love her I'm serious. LOL  She is so awesome, creative, energetic, and a stay at home mom that has a million projects going all the time.  Stop by you will love her too.... I swear!

* Little Chief Honeybee.... I can't remember how I found Kaelah's blog but it is amazing.  This girl wears dresses everyday, has tons of cool tattoos, and runs several different business from home, including a traveling boutique out of a vintage camper called Honeybean.  She always has really fun posts and is another one that I would love to meet.  Not only would she make a road trip to Nashville worth it but it just sounds like a cool place. 

* Explore. Dream. Discover....is a blog that I've been following for years and Liz is one for the books.  She's a native Portlander living in Amsterdam with her hubby and cute pup.  Liz is so sophisticated and classy and is always going on great trips that I love to read about. 

* The Everygirl...is a blog created by 2 ladies for ladies.  The Everygirl features great women and tells their stories on how they followed their dreams.  They also have posts on current events, design, jewelry, and a little bit of everything else too.  They have something for every 20 something girl!

* All in my Twenties... Kristen is hilarious, speaks her mind, and has some of the craziest post out there.  She is always spilling about jet setting to Cabo with her love or just daily dishing.  She is a fellow Texan and is just a REAL girl.

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