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Sunday, May 5, 2013


Blog Every Day in May's fifth challenge is to profess your ever dieing love for a fellow blogger.  I couldn't narrow it down to just one so I have a couple.

First up is NaShae who is the reason I started a blog to begin with.
Shae and Miss Ryleigh (photo taken from NaShae's blog)
NaShae and I go way back....like to preschool days and have been friends ever since.  When I moved to Iraq I found that she had a blog and it really inspired me to start one as a way to keep my family and friends back home informed and also as a little scrapbook of my own.  I love NaShae's posts on her life that is not too far away but far enough that we don't see each other very often.  Love Shae and her blog!

My next blog that I adore is a blog that I happened upon about a year ago and just fell in love with.  Emily over at The Freckled Fox is amazing. 
ummm hello look at her need I say more! (Photo taken from Emily's blog)
She always has a million irons in the fire and her real life posts keeping everyone updated on her ever growing family and projects make me want to get out and do more. LOL  I would love to travel to Emily's state and visit her I think we would be great friends. 
She's a must read.


  1. aww you are so awesome Megan! You totally made my day! I know you've been such a huge supporter and follower for so long, and I always appreciate your sweet comments, and this just takes the cake! Have an awesome day lady, and thanks again!


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