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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Insta Dump #31

October was such an awesome month..more to come on that but I traveled literally the entire month see my Instagram feed!

visiting the college boy// had a movie and sushi date on a Sunday afternoon// relaxing and decompressing on a Monday night// packing for Thailand// been up for 37 hours in Dubai// completed leg workout// back attack before our flight to Phuket// returned to paradise// recovering from my may Thai session by the pool// relaxing in Bali with my love// peace out Bali// Dallas bound from Dubai

Insta Dump #30

September was a fantastic month with my Instagram loaded with a ton of awesome workouts and getting a lot of work done!
worked out with an 18 yo// planning vacation// girl boss// 4 am airport run// bedside motivation// Case loved his mocha// delt acation// empty gym muscled up// casual sporty work day// those lats tho// round 2 of cardio complete

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