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Monday, September 2, 2013

DIY: Cedar Plank Headboard

After I made the burlap lamp shades...see here....I knew immediately that to go with this room I needed to design an awesome outdoorsy but classy and not too gaudy headboard.  One of my best friends, Rachael, made a similar headboard in their new house from old barn wood.  I used her headboard as my inspiration and here's how it turned out!

I played around with the idea of using pallet boards and staggering them all different lengths to make the headboard but Hendrik wasn't crazy on that idea.  He thought it would be better if I used cedar planks that he had cut at his saw mill and I could absolutely work with that.  After I went and got a bed frame, set up the bed, and made the lamp shades I made the headboard in a couple hours last Monday afternoon before Hendrik got off work.  I have been so excited about this idea and couldn't wait a day longer to put it into action.

After work I stopped by my Moms to borrow a saw and extension cord.  Once to Hendrik's I unloaded my supplies and took the four wheeler over to the saw mill to pick through the planks to find the perfect ones.  It took me 3 trips to find planks that fit together and looked the way I had envisioned.  Since these were cut straight from a cedar tree they were nice and smooth along the edges up until a certain point then they started getting wavy.  This is great because it gives it a rustic look but sometimes the gap in between was too big and it looked sloppy.

Once I had my planks it was time to measure and cut them to the right length.  That part was easy and then all I had to do was nail the planks to my 1 X 4 legs.

I quickly took my newly made headboard into the house, moved the bed out from the wall, and nailed the headboard into place. 


I love the way the headboard turned out and luckily Hendrik does too.  I think that it adds the perfect touch to the room and really brings all the elements together.  Along with the awesome vintage mustard chair I got at The Garage Sale in Mt. Pleasant.  He hates the color but I think that it actually works well with all the camo...either way the color is an easy fix and I can try out re-upholstery not to mention the comfort that comes with the "ugly chair" is out of this world :) 

All I need now to finish off the bedroom is a matching night stand (from Ikea) and a few wall decorations which I have in mind I'm just waiting for it to cool down so I can get my supplies from Canton.
I'll be sure to post updated photos once I have completed his master bed and bath.  I can't wait to share....decorating is so much fun!

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