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Monday, September 2, 2013

Aidan or Big?

This question is always asked on The Everygirl for their featured ladies and I love seeing everyone’s answer.  I decided to do my own little answer to this because SATC and I have a long running love affair.  In high school my friend Callie and I were hooked and even before then I remember watching it faithfully (when I could get by with it at home).  It was and always will be one of my favorites.  I even own the entire series collection and sometimes put them in at night and watch some reruns. 
So Big or Aidan was the question and my answer will always be BIG!  Let me explain….
I may act all hard and callous, which in most part I am, but when it comes to a significant other I’m a hopeless romantic through and through. 
I’m a true girl in that aspect and love the passion, fire, and chemistry that Carrie and Big can never shake both romantically and in their friendship.  After all the breakup and mess-ups they were always coming back to each other until that one magical night in Paris when he finally swallowed his pride and confessed…Carrie you’re the ONE!
OOHHH makes my heart melt every time. 
I want that BIG love in my life and I want my partner and I to have that unconditional love and chemistry that is always there.  Even though there are rough patches, hard times, and misunderstandings the BIG love that you share is always there.  Not to mention Big is a hard worker, realistic, and woos his woman when she least expects it all while being the MAN in the relationship.  I love it. 
I hope one day I will be able to say that I’ve most definitely found my BIG LOVE and they feel the same about me!!! ;)

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  1. Best. Show. ever.
    I'm an Aiden girl! But not necessarily for Carrie, just from my perspective...it's the emotionally unavailable rich guy (although he changed in the end) vs. the down to earth sweetheart


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