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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Family Vacation

The first week of June we went on a family vacation with Mom, Mike, Caleb, Kendal, Colby, Lara, and Case.  We got a house in Destin right on the beach and left Friday June 2nd.  We stopped half way in Hattiesburg, Mississippi before finishing the drive down on Saturday.  Hendrik and I couldn't stay the full week and we headed home on Wednesday.  The few days we had were so much fun especially now that Case is bigger.  We just hung out at the beach house all day and the one morning we headed to the aquarium since it was really rainy.  Other than that nothing big just chilled and enjoyed each other.  See my random mash up of pictures that we got.  

It was nice to get away with family and just have fun and laugh with each other!  As Case gets older it will only be more and more fun because let's face it....everything is about him LOL!!!  

Insta Dump #39

June Instagram was hopping as we kicked off the Summer and did a lot of activities! 

Swimming// naps after swim lessons// thirst quencher// casual work attire// meal prep// home from Florida// ready to hang out with friends// really feeling braids and hats// MMA seminar with the Boogie man// clean hair and travel mags on a Monday// 5 o'clock drinks in Dallas// love you to the moon and back// grocery haul// snow cone to kick off Summer// Case ready for a sleepover// shoulder pump// Destin family vacation// new shave and new design// dreaming of gains// off to Dallas with my traps// Case and me rocking// gave it all to Matt// new favorite song// leaving sweat angles around the gym// pool time// sauna and abs// majestic in my unicorn bike helmet// new fitness bling// supporting my girl at her competition// its a lifestyle

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