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Sunday, July 16, 2017

Insta Dump #39

June Instagram was hopping as we kicked off the Summer and did a lot of activities! 

Swimming// naps after swim lessons// thirst quencher// casual work attire// meal prep// home from Florida// ready to hang out with friends// really feeling braids and hats// MMA seminar with the Boogie man// clean hair and travel mags on a Monday// 5 o'clock drinks in Dallas// love you to the moon and back// grocery haul// snow cone to kick off Summer// Case ready for a sleepover// shoulder pump// Destin family vacation// new shave and new design// dreaming of gains// off to Dallas with my traps// Case and me rocking// gave it all to Matt// new favorite song// leaving sweat angles around the gym// pool time// sauna and abs// majestic in my unicorn bike helmet// new fitness bling// supporting my girl at her competition// its a lifestyle

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