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Friday, June 30, 2017

Things I'm Loving

(the above picture has nothing to do with this post except I'm currently loving the little print)

I have had this post titled in my drafts for sometime now and finally am down to the last of my drafts so thought it was a perfect time to share what I'm currently loving.  

  • Blurb- Is a book maker that is easy to use, fast, and inexpensive for the quality of the book received.  Not only can you do picture books like you can at Shutterfly you can also do actual books and buy them in large quantities.  I found Blurb through a home design and DIY podcast that I listen to Young House Love has a Podcast and have used it 3 times so far and have photos to make at least 2 more books.  

  • Pod casts- Sometimes I get tired of listening to the radio...the same ole songs all the time and since I play the stations through my computer at work I've been listening to podcasts while I go to the gym, run errands, etc....  Some of the podcasts that I have loved in the past and currently found and love enough to binge listen are: 
    • S Town is so captivating, weird, and all around addictive.  The same producers that brought us Serial brought us S Town and OMG....not only do you have endings there are some loose ends and just the all around twist and spins of this real life story is crazy addictive.  
    • Serial is a complete sensation of real life crime stories that are really unclear and all though there is the news outcome the podcast dives into its own research and tries to give all the views and perspective and allows the listener to really see what went down...they don't really have clear "endings" but they are SO interesting
    • Young House Love has a Podcast a DIY and design podcast that is fun to listen to if you're into that kind of thing.  I get a lot of ideas and tips from John and Sherry and even though I may never use them I do like listening to their banter.
  • I'm really into medieval TV shows like, CW's Reign, that just wrapped its final season (you can watch on Netflix) and a new series on Starz based on a book, White Princess

  • Rewatching Pretty Little Liars and Vampire Diaries- over the Winter and early Spring I rewatched Pretty Little Liars before the final season geared up...which just ended. I forgot how much has happened in that show. I love it so much and can easily see myself rewatching it more in the years to come.  I sort of got off Vampire Dairies over the past few seasons so I thought I would catch up by starting over through Netflix.  So far I'm only a couple episodes in but again...love these shows.  
  • New friends- I've made some great connections through the fitness world and become really good friends with a  couple girls from the gym.  We are even taking a bday/girls trip to Galveston in a few weeks.  I also have been getting in some awesome workouts with new people at the gym.  I don't do this often as working out is really my me time and I enjoy doing it alone and being focused but a few workouts here and there are awesome to get some outside motivation, perspective, and knowledge.  
  • I can not get enough tacos and burritos!  I can literally make some sort of tortilla trap for every meal...I'm talking meat tacos, bean tacos, cheese tacos, any kind of taco just add some Tabasco!

  • Summer and not being in school is a marvelous thing!  This is the first Summer in forever that I can actually do what I want...other than day to day work and gym life I have nothing pressing to do..no deadlines, assignments, test or stress just nice adult kid free living.  I feel like 2017 I'm living a more meaningful and slower paced life and I love it.  

  • Because of all this easy living I've been doing I have also been reading a lot more!  Check out all my recent book reviews HERE to find what I've been reading and right now I'm currently reading George W Bush's memoir, Decision Points, and also I'm starting to reread all the Harry Potter novels!
  • I've been a fan of Youtube for a while now but I've recently started to utilize it in a different way...MUSIC.  This maybe old to many but its new to me.  I've started making my own music playlists to get through my workouts and also I always get a lot of fitness information from Youtube.  Check out my favorite channels! 
  • Hendrik has Amazon Prime and I recently (as in last week) hooked up my Kindle services to his account so I can now read a ton of books for free.  I also can read some of my favorite fitness magazines for free.  We also plan on watching Amazon movies through our smart TV.  We are trying to find as many other resources of TV as possible so we can hopefully get rid of our Direct TV. The bill is ridiculous!
  • I'm on the look out for the perfect real estate deal and I recently found it...I wasn't able to pursue the idea alone and by the time I got Hendrik and the contractor lined out to take a look and get me a cost sheet the house was under contract! :(  I'm not giving up and I'm constantly surfing real estate websites and daydreaming of my very own HGTV inspired flip/ rental reno!  

So that is what I'm currently watching, reading, listening to, and eating!!! What else is there in life LOL!!!  Onto July and more adventures!

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