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Saturday, June 10, 2017

6 Weekend or Day Trips for the Summer

I've been bit by the travel bug and it is itching so bad!! LOL  Not that my travel bug bites ever stop itching but I took so many big, amazing trips last year IRELAND, LONDON, DOMINICAN, BALI, DUBAI, THAILAND!  (Click for details)  This year we had our HONEYMOON and a recent family trip to Florida but I want more.  My travel wants are always big but next year I have some big travel plans so I think for the remainder of this year I want to focus on small day and weekend trips.  I have compiled a little list of trips that I've been wanting to take and I hope to mark a lot of these off the list from now through the Fall months.  

Waco, Texas

The main reason I want to make a trip out to Waco is to of course visit the Fixer Upper complex Magnolia EVERYTHING. They have a bakery, store, and tons more that I'm dying to see.  I'm sure it is a major tourist trap at this point because they are so popular but I just need and want to experience it for myself.  This would make an awesome girls day trip as Waco is around 200 miles away and if we leave early one morning we can make an entire day out of the drive and visit.  Check out what all Magnolia has to offer at their website HERE!  I would also like to sight see and window shop around downtown.  The Waco area has a ton of new business that are booming due to all the publicity that the Magnolia projects and Fixer Upper has brought to Waco.  

Pawhuska, Oklahoma
The Pioneer Woman is someone who I started watching years ago and over the past few years have almost forgotten about her.  That was until my mother in law mentioned that the little town of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, gets a whopping 6000 visitors, I believe, daily when the general population of the entire town is only 3000.  Much like Waco it seems that Ree Drummond (the Pioneer Woman) has revitalized a town by putting in deli and general store the Mercantile.  I love Ree's cookbooks and after Roelie told me about this little gem I immediately looked up the town.  Pawhuska is almost 5 hours drive north of my home but would make a great little overnight weekend trip with a stop over in Tulsa to meet an Instagram friend. Plan your visit HERE!

Louisiana Plantation Tour

Being from the South I love all things Southern...although I don't drink sweet tea any longer I still love a good drive and I would love to see and tour some of the restored, grand plantations from back in the day.  I would make the long weekend driving and touring different plantations on my way to a bigger stop or maybe just make a little route of plantations and circle back home.  THIS website is a great way to plan the trip!  

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans has been on my must visit for a weekend list literally for YEARS!  I still haven't made it down there for a walk around and indulgence of Cajun food but this year is the year...hopefully! LOL Either way it will continue to be on the list.  To me NOLA is one of the most cultural cities in the US with it's music, food, and history and it is a must visit.  Kayak Explore makes me want to visit the city even more as right now flights from DFW to New Orleans are as cheap as $89!!! How can I not plan a visit soon!  This would be a definite long weekend trip with a nice and cheap flight in and out of the Big Easy.  A trip like this would make for a nice couple get-a-way or a girls trip.  A tight planned itinerary would be a must to see all the sights but you could also just wing the entire thing and I think you would turn out just fine discovering hidden gems throughout the French Quarter and throughout the rest of the city. 

Palm Springs, California

The Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs has been on my radar ever since I saw a fellow blogger go to a bachelorette party there several years back.  It is a bit pricey, both flight and this hotel, but would make the perfect long weekend get-a-way in the Fall to catch some final rays and unwind before Winter hits.  All the colors just screams mid century modern and cool pool floats.  The surrounding desert area would make for some fun drives as well.  Palm Springs just seems like one of those places that is a fun, out of the ordinary escape that isn't over populated with everyone else that is trying to escape LOL.  They also have a hotel in Scottsdale, AZ that would also be up for a visit! 

Las Vegas, Nevada

Back when I was 19 my best friend and I spend a whirlwind couple days in Vegas going to the PBR finals.  We were too young to really experience Vegas and I would love to go back for a weekend of fun now that I'm "of age".  I would like to do all the cool amusement rides, go to the old light museum, and just stroll around the strip people watching and soaking up that Vegas sun.  Kayak Explore again shows me how affordable this little weekend could be with flights from DFW only $116!!!  Also would love to go to some of the awesome gyms in Vegas that I see some of my favorite Instagram accounts frequent.  

So there's my little list of places I'm loving right now that I think would be awesome little drives or long weekend flying get-a-ways.  I hope I've made your travel bites itch and you can also experience some of these neat places!  I'm off to a bodybuilding competition today to support a couple girlfriends  and a little learning experience before I POSSIBLY set off on a new fitness journey.  

Keep tuning in!  I plan on keeping this space updated and have a lot of variety!

(all images via Pinterest) 

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