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Thursday, June 1, 2017

Spare Bedroom Remodel into Guest Room and Office

A month or two ago a friend bought my spare room furniture which I had been wanting to sell for a while but never took the time to put it out there.  It worked out perfect that he needed it so off it went and I immediately started planning my remodel of the room to turn it into a spare room/ office space. It took a couple weeks to get the few things in that I ordered but on Tuesday my final piece was delivered.  I took Wednesday off to run errands, go to a meeting, and I also took the time that afternoon to put together my new sleeper sofa and decorate my office space.

Before: After the furniture was gone and the wedding was upon us/then happened the room turned into a catch-all pretty quickly and I had to first start by getting rid/finding spots for wedding decor and then just putting away paid bills and such.  

my old makeshift office space when the room was mainly a quest bedroom

After: I still have the option for guests to stay as the sofa is a sleeper sofa and pretty comfortable if I say so myself.  Case and I tested it the other day for nap time.  I also didn't spend a bunch of money to redo this room.  A lot of the wall art was gifts, prior unused purchases for our home, or things I already had on hand.  My desk had been in storage at my Moms and my sewing machine had been in the closet hiding out.  More details below...

I made the little corner table when you walk in a little sewing nook.  Hopefully now that the sewing machine is out and about I will make time to learn to use it a bit more.  This frame still needs pictures printed and put in it but I wanted to get them up and I can always add pictures later.  I'm waiting to get our wedding pictures back so I can transition pictures that are around other parts of the house in here and showcase our new pictures around the house.  

Like I said the desk was in storage and the filing cabinet had been in the closet.  I moved it out and used it as a printer and tech station.  The cork board used to be above the small table where the sewing machine is now.  I moved them over onto the big wall to frame out the world map as well as be of use for notes, inspiration, and more photos.  

Opposite of the filing cabinet in the other corner I used the small antique chair as a table with my past years blog books under a lamp that I redid back when I lived in Winnsboro...HERE!  The paintings were from our girls night out trip to Painting with a Twist.  The top painting was a gift since I was a bride and the bottom painting was the one I painted that night.  

This desk is only a small writing desk so I didn't put a lot of bulky items on it.  Simple and clean!

Love this felt letter board and it was a quick, cheap find at Walmart this same day.  I saw it on an end cap and new I had to have it.  Love this saying as well.... something I try to live by daily. 

This scratch off world map came from Uncommon Goods and is poster size.  As you can see we have a lot of the world to still cover.  I framed the map in a cheap poster size plastic from from Walmart. 

I didn't have a proper desk chair so I ordered this one from Overstock.  I wanted something modern but not too modern and still sleek and clean looking with wood accents to tie into the room and the rest of the house nicely.  I think this chair fits all those qualities and it is really comfortable as well.  

This agate frame was a wedding gift and I plan on putting a nice picture of Hendrik and I in it.  The deer antler was a find at the farm...that ruined a planter tire.  

I reused some of the gold spray painted mason jars that we used at our wedding for accessory decor on the desk as well as the greenery wreath.  

View from the doorway looking in.  The rug is a wool throw-down rug from Ikea.  You can't tell well in the picture but it is made up of blues, tans, and grays.  The cedar chest is something I have had for years and it was stuck in the corner housing the printer now I put it in from of the window and it holds all of Case's goodies.  I love how open and airy the new decor makes the room feel.  I plan on making some curtains from navy sheer table cloths that are huge and leftover from our wedding and I want to add tassels to the inside seam.  We shall see on that so stay tuned. 

THIS sleeper sofa is a navy microfiber and has that retro vintage look.  I fell in love with it a long time ago and found this inexpensive version at Wal-Mart.  The two matching pillows have been hanging out in my linen closet and they were purchased years ago.  I found the fur pillow on Wednesday when I was at Wal-Mart and new it would add a feminine touch but still go with the room since it is in a light gray.  There is a big blank space above the sofa but I plan on having a tv there and then adding a few frames where needed to complete the wall.

view from the desk...I love the way the room turned out.  Not only does it function for more than one purpose it is 90% complete and I love the look of it.  

Total cost of remodel was around $450 the only new items that I paid for is the sofa, fur pillow, rug, desk chair, scratch map, and plastic poster frame.  You don't have to spend a ton of money to have a nice functional room. I can't wait to mount the TV above the sofa and add a few more frames around the sofa to totally finish off the space.  


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