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Monday, September 2, 2013

DIY: Burlap Lamp Shade

Hendrik built and moved into a brand new blank canvas house around April and it is the epitome of bachelor pad. No chairs, tables, bed was on the floor, camo couches, camo curtains, and nothing but beer and frozen pizzas in the frig. LOL  All that holds true still and it's September but slowly and surely I'm turning this bachelor pad into a cozy home for men. 

If you have hung around me even the tiniest bit you'll know I love decorating and making my visions come true.  I especially love this when my boyfriend hands over his debit card for Saturday house shopping trips! :)  Hendrik is the typical guy, in he has really know idea what he needs or likes in a house.  This is his first house and is truly more worried about running his business than having the right window treatments....so being the awesome girlfriend I am I decided I would help him out and take that stress away from him.  I know him pretty well and know that even though he doesn't know exactly what he DOES want I do know things that he would NOT like.  So far I've done really well I think and I can't wait to finish all the rooms.  I have a complete vision and it's going to turn out awesome.
After getting a few things to make the house feel more at home I decided to start with one room...finish that room completely and then move onto the next so I can feel like I'm actually accomplishing something rather than just decorating tid-bits here and there. 
Below is a little project I did that was super easy for the bedroom lamps we found at Wal-Mart one night.  They weren't what I would have picked out given all the other hunting d├ęcor around the casa but it is HIS house LOL and with all my other visions they have turned out to be a great addition. 
When buying the lamps we couldn't decide on a shade that Hendrik liked so later in the week on my lunch hour I ran to Mineola Wal-Mart and bought to shades in the shape and size I wanted.  When I got home that day I ran to my office/craft room and knew immediately what would work as a new cover for these babies..... burlap coffee sacks I had snagged at Canton a few months back for $2 a piece.   It was super easy to measure and cut the length of sack I needed and I even cut the part of the sack that would allow me to use the nicely braided sack seam as the edging on the shade. 
After that I revved up my hot glue gun and before I knew it I had third degree burns on a couple fingers and 2 rustic lamp shades!


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