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Monday, December 2, 2013

DIY: Deer Silhouette

Everyone is an artist...right? 
Well I don't claim to be an artist in any form or fashion but I do have a flare for interior design and I thought up this little project all by myself.  No help from Pintrest or any other idea forum. 
I'm trying to really stick with a general theme throughout Hendrik's entire house which is pretty much modern day, classy, bachelor pad with a feminine flare.  I think it's working....If I ever live there some things will need to be changed up but for now it's perfect and not too much to run me off, although the curtains are almost that bad! LOL

My inspiration for this little project was this....
I remember doing these at church.  We would stand really still and the ladies would trace our shadow on construction paper with chalk then we'd cut them out for our moms. 

Put a modern day, bachelor pad spin on things and you end up with this timeless, classic print....

Here's how I did it!

Find a nice picture on the Internet that you would like to make into your silhouette.  I printed the image on regular computer paper then cut it out....DON'T cut the excess paper out cut the image out of the paper so there is a whole where the picture used to be.  Then get your super enthused boyfriend to hold the paper up while holding a flashlight in the perfect spot to cast the perfect shadow on your canvas.

 Then, using a pencil trace the outline lightly on your canvas.

Once your tracing is done then comes the fun part...painting!  I used a plain light brown that I already had on hand but don't be afraid to mix it up.  This would be a great chance to get crazy with color for a kid's room or to simply color coordinate a specific area. 

And VOILA!  It's done.  This project was simple, easy, cheap and lastly CUTE!  I can see this print being reused long after it's master bedroom days are over...a baby boy's nursery could rock this buck!

Now for what you need:

Your chosen image printed out (don't worry too much on the size of the image because you can get closer/further away with your flashlight to make the shadow grow smaller/bigger)
Canvas (I bought mine for $12 at Hobby Lobby...the only item that cost money)
and don't forget your helper i.e. Super enthused boyfriend or husband LOL

See I told you simple!

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