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Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

I was dead set on getting a real tree to put up at Hendrik’s house this year.  I had this grand plan of us going to the tree farm (where I haven’t been in probably 20 years) and picking out the perfect tree, cutting it by hand, and even making a cute little ornament out of the stump. 
Well folks…as we know grand plans are made to be shattered and that’s pretty much what Hendrik did to my real tree dreams. LOL 
Right from the beginning he was not happy about getting a real tree mainly because of the hassle of doing it all and also he didn’t really want a tree at all but that’s for sure not going to happen.  After 3 days of us going back and forth and me being able to tell that he really was serious I gave in and just snagged a hand-me-down FREE tree from his mom. 
She doesn’t put up a big tree anymore and still had it on hand so she dug it out for me and I went to town decorating. 
I got all the stuff out of the boxes only to find that the bottom of the stand, which was plastic, was broken.  I had to wait a full day to put the tree because Hendrik had to make a stand. (a discarded disc blade and a piece of pipe)  After a late night stand building and a run to Wal-Mart for décor the next night I finally got the tree decorated. 
I’m pleased with it because I just love putting up trees and Hendrik is pleased because he’s SUPER proud of his stand and didn’t have to go to a tree farm.

burlap sack as tree skirt

on dining table

on coffee table

I wanted to go to Target and Hobby Lobby and get ornaments that were plaid and I was going to do a rustic, homey, yet classy tree in gold, green, and red.  It was late by the time we got around to going to eat so Target was out of the question and Wal-Mart didn’t have anything plaid but I was able to work with what they had. 
I love the way it turned out!  2014…TREE FARM HERE WE COME!

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