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Monday, December 2, 2013

Update of the Past Few Months

So...yes MOTHER I know you're sick of looking at my realistic wish list but I've been busy living. 

I'm finally making time to catch up on posts that I've had drafted forever!  Although I have been living I don't have many pictures to show for it or many exciting activities so here are some recent iPhone pictures over the past few months.  Overall I've done a lot of ordinary things and have been really just enjoying life (and being in love ;) )

Learned how to do my hair with one of those styling rod things!! I look like a REAL GIRL!!! We had a double date with my brother and Lara this night.  We went to eat sushi and hibachi in Paris.

Beautiful early morning sunrises

got plenty of pig hunting in

and got my first pig kill on a Saturday night.  I literally brought home the bacon that night and cooked a four course meal the next...pig back strap included.
September was a great month.  It was jam packed with a ton of hunting, school, and winding down the summer to get ready for fall.

Played bunco at my Mom's as a fill in for their group and it was Halloween themed.  Mom as a scarecrow and her BFF, Monica, as super woman.

Hoss (Hendrik's dog) sad that Daddy was leaving him behind in the office

Hendrik's parents were out of town a few night so we kept his mom's dog, Bella.  We went on a little Jeep ride.

Oh I forgot to mention that for the past 5 months I've been dating Iron Man!!!  Just kidding but this teeth whitener is hilarious.
October was super relaxing for me.  I took my last week of vacation from work before the busy season started up and did absolutely nothing.  It was glorious.


The above few pictures are of me and Mom's trip to Canton the first weekend of November.  It was the perfect day. My mom and I spent some great quality time together just chatting and being our usual mother/daughter selves, the weather couldn't have been more perfect, and Canton DID NOT disappoint...but when does it ever.  These are just a few of the super cute things I was eyeing but not buying!

a late night cafe mocha from Starbucks on a Wednesday night drive home from Rockwall.  Hendrik and I went to see our chiropractor, a little shopping at Aldi, and sushi eating

Football weather... we attended several of Caleb's football games but this one was the last one of the season!  Senior night...brought back great memories of my own senior night especially when they played the Star Spangled Banner (tear)

Can you believe he's a sophomore already and on Varsity? Seems like yesterday he was just a baby and having a diarrhea diaper blow out on my lap at my 10th B-day sleepover...just a reality check that was 17 years ago...shit that makes me feel old

S.P.O.I.L.E.D ROTTEN that's all

awe so sweet loving on his Daddy!  really just an excuse for him to get his 80 lbs self on the couches
November flew by in no time.  This past weekend was the last of it before all the Christmas and holiday hustle and bustle really went into full swing.  We had a great Thanksgiving at Memaw Sue's and then me and my best girlfriends had a early morning breakfast before we all started our week back up and a new month...December can you believe it?!

That's what I've been up to, what about you?

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