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Sunday, September 26, 2010

**Christmas List Cont...**

Well I forgot two very important things that I NEED not just want for Christmas. LOL 

I having been wanted a sewing machine for a while but just have never gotten myself one.  I know I would use it for all sorts of crafty things around the house if I had one.  The one I picked out, figuring it would take care of all my needs plus last me a long while as my creativity advances, is the Singer 7256 Fashion Mate. 

Since I am considering getting a new car I am also considering what all bells and whistles I want on it.  All the extras that come on a new car are really expensive and I have heard that GPS systems that come installed in vehicles aren't as up-to-date as the store bought ones.  So....I have thought about it and decided to get just a regular GPS and then I can use it in my current car (in case I don't get a new one) and also use it later in a new car.  A GPS is really going to come in handy especially if  I get the job I am going for as there will be some traveling involved.  I looked online and so far Garmin seems the best way to go and the Nuvi 1300LM has all the features I want plus a few extras and it is still reasonably priced.

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