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Monday, September 20, 2010

What's on my kindle and my nightstand

I am totally hooked on James Patterson.  At one time I had around 7 books I needed to read on my kindle.  I read them all and then just didn't know who to turn to next.  My co-worker said she loves James Patterson so I grabbed all his books she had and put them on my kindle.  I am on my 4th book and I can't put them down.  They are easy and GOOD reads. I have around 17 more to read through but that doesn't even come close to completing his bibliography.  James Patterson cranks them out.  He has so many different series and types.  Right now I am hooked on the Women's Murder Club series.  They are fantastic.

One night while I was home Piper and I were hanging out at Rachael's just catching up and of course talking men when Rachael suggested to Piper and I that we needed to read the book "Why Men Love Bitches" it is a self-help/advice book about men and really women.  I don't even question Rae's book advice these days.  I mean first it was Harry Potter and then Twilight the girl knows what's good!  As I was waiting on my flight in Dubai to Baghdad I found the book in the duty free and grabbed it up. I also grabbed another one by the same author called "Why Men Marry Bitches", hey it can't hurt can it.  So as soon as I finish or need a break from James I'm going to hop on over to learning about bitches I suppose.  I will let everyone know how they turn out.  ;)

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