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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Transformation

Yes I know I'm about 2 weeks behind but long post kill me I'm the worst procrastinator.  I have before and after pictures of my new casa.  The before pictures show the way it looked before I actually bought it.  Then there is a picture of the same room transformed to my taste.  I could use pictures of the rooms totally empty but I think you can see more of the transformation by me using the old owner's decor vs my decor. I still need a few homey touches like pictures and wall art but that will come in time.  My mom painted every wall in the house a new shade and the floor from the dining room through the rest of the house is new.  Other than that its all just furniture and my own touches.  I am very proud of the way it turned out and just want to thank my family for helping me out so much.  Thanks everybody!

OK down to business the first picture below was the previous owner's guest bedroom.
Now it's my home office.  The picture is a little red tinted, my flash on my camera wasn't working for some reason.  To the right of the picture (which you can't see) is a little built in desk with shelves that go to the ceiling.  This room isn't quite finished yet.  When I get home I want to add a couple of those ladder book shelves and a matching console table and use it as my desk instead.  I also need some decor put up.  I have some really cool ideas for this room centered around all my travels.  I can't wait to fix it up some more.  The over sized chair is so comfortable and it reclines.  Right now other than the chair I only have my cedar chest and a floor lamp in the room but once I get home I will work on it first thing since HOPEFULLY I will be working from home and also doing school.
The guest bath before.
The new and super improved guest bath with a light yellow paint, new mirror (not shown).  I took down the sliding shower doors and replaced it with a regular shower curtain to update the look a little.  It took me forever to find a shower curtain that I liked.  I didn't really know what I was looking for but nothing really grabbed me.  This one didn't so much speak to me either but after 3 weeks of looking I settled on it from Bed Bath and Beyond.  I got the really cool stained glass window from Canton for $10, I thought it was a great find.  I wanted this space to have a warm but clean feel so I just went with off white towels and a matching bath rug.  I want just one more piece to put beside the sink.  I want a blue coral statue thing that I saw at Pier 1 and then this room will be complete. Oh and I forgot the floor is new the old floor was faux marble now its faux wood...much more me.
The living room before.
AFTER- I am really proud of this room. I mean compared to the Plain Jane look it was it has totally been transformed. At first I was going to paint the entire room an orange color but once I saw a little bit of it on the wall I decided it was going to be too much with the brown furniture and other tan tones.  My cousin, Artie, suggested a red and the day I got home from the airport we went to Lowe's and came out with this color.  I love it and I used it in another room also.  It works great with my furniture and just makes everything pop.  I added some brown zebra print pillows I picked up at Wal-Mart to give it a modern edge.  I wanted some sort of iron work above the mantle so I picked up those matching iron whatever they are at Canton.  They were all rusty and what paint was left was chipped.  I worked them over with a wire brush and the my brother hung them from a tree in the backyard so I could repaint them.  I think they turned out perfect.  I got the candle holders from Hobby Lobby.  I want a few more homey touches for the mantle I just don't know what yet. The far right of the picture, which isn't shown, is a coffee table and a bug fluffy couch.  I have to say this furniture is the most comfortable furniture EVER.  You just melt when you sit on it.  I got a great big picture from Canton that is hung above the couch also.  I will be sure to get more pictures of the details later on.  I also need something on the TV wall just not sure yet. Any suggestions? I also am thinking I want a smaller cow skin rug for the area of the floor that is shown but not sure yet. As you can tell I want to add a few more things I just need time to roll around some ideas.
Kitchen Before
The kitchen it's self isn't so different.  The main thing is the floor and the paint is new.  The kitchen and dining room are the same color.  It was suppose to be more of an olive green color but it turned out a little tanner than I thought.  But actually I don't know what I thought because when compared to the paint chip card it matched exactly so anyways its a good color.  A few things that aren't shown are my awesome french country style canisters that I got at Canton for $11 a piece.
Master Bedroom Before
AFTER- Again it's totally different and WAY better.  Before there was carpet that was replaced with the faux wood floor and then a great rug from Lowe's.  I painted only one wall the same color red as the living room and put my bed against the red wall.  I don't have anything blocking the window now and my new bedroom furniture is much larger than it looked on the Internet.  I love it though. Tune in for a new post on my master bedroom for more pictures.
Master Bath Before- 2 words WALLPAPER and YUK
Now this is my master bath after I did what I do. I was going for a spa like theme so I settled on a sea foam blue color.  I know sea foam is a green color but this has more blue tones in it.  I love it and it accents all the other decor really nice.  I went with just fluffy brown towels and rugs.  I still need something for the other wall by the tub and I think my friend Rachael is going to help me design a really cool cross to hang in that space.
This wall is opposite of the tub.  I fell in love with this mirror when I saw it on the Pier 1 website.  When my cousin picked me up from the airport we stopped by there and grabbed it.  I also saw a matching leaf decoration and got it.  I love my bathroom it is very relaxing it turned out exactly like I wanted it to.
Dining room before
After- My mom painted and took down that hideous border.  I love it and I think it looks really elegant.  I didn't have any fancy china so when we were at Canton I found a pretty flowered pattern of china and the lady sold every piece for $30.  Just some filler for the china cabinet.  My mom got me the clock as a surprise.  We did have it hanging in the living room but thought it went better there. The light fixture is being replaced when it comes in.  It has been back ordered for about 2 months now.  Once that is in this room will be complete.
Old Floor- There wasn't anything necessarily wrong with it I just didn't like it so before I moved in I replaced it and I am sssssooooo glad I did.
New floor- I knew the floor would change the entire look of the house and it did.  I love it.  My next big thing is the countertops I think I want to go with a dark shade of granite.  It isn't a must just something later down the road that I would like to do.
Before Entry Way- notice the tacky PLASTIC "chandelier" and the wallpaper. OMG!! It had to go...
Now it looks so much better. No wallpaper and we replaced the light fixture.  I haven't decorated this little hallway at all.  I just didn't know what I wanted to do with it.  I have a few ideas now so when I get home I am going to conquer.  Mike has made me a really nice little console table that is going to go in the nook by the front door.  In the picture it isn't shown but it is to the left of the door.  I've made a really great flower arrangement to sit on the table and I am going to repaint another piece of iron work I got at Canton to hang in the nook wall.
So that's it....I didn't show the guest bedroom because right now the bedroom furniture isn't put together because I need to get a mattress set and really there is no decoration in there either, just a new coat of tan paint on the walls.  That will be another project but should be an easy one that I can get over as soon as I get home.


  1. Looks awesome, Meg! You should have totally kept that entry way wall paper though :)

    LOVE that bathroom mirror and the living room!!

    Love and miss you!

  2. You new home looks amazing!! The updates are just beautiful and I know you are really going to enjoy it!! When you get back to the states do you think you and your mom could come over and rework a few of my rooms? :)


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