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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Book Review: The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.

You might remember that an item on my Fall Bucket List was to read a book that I saw called The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P.  Well I read it and I hated it.  I wouldn't recommend this book to you but I am also not a big literary reader but more of a fluff reader.  This book had it's good points but overall I was left with a not exciting ending and a man (Nate) who over analyzed every emotion in his head but was a typical 20 something male on the outside.  I felt like I took nothing away from this book except a feeling of YUCK especially for all the women characters who were involved in Nate's life.  I say give it a shot if you want but I won't be going back for seconds. 

but the cover is super cute...don't you think?

Amazon Synopsis:
In this sharply written first novel, Waldman homes in on a self-absorbed writer living in New York City. Nate Piven is still basking in the glow of having sold his first book after years of struggling to support himself with freelance work. His newfound success has given his love life a boost, and a number of women are pursuing him, including his beautiful ­ex-girlfriend Elisa and brainy Hannah, also a writer. As Hannah and Nate’s relationship gets more serious, Nate is quick to blame any communication snafus on Hannah, whose calm and self-­confidence begin to evaporate. Although Nate thinks of himself as enlightened, a product of a postfeminist, 1980s childhood and a politically correct, 1990s college education, his actions continually belie that self-image. Nate is constantly jockeying for status among his friends and critiquing women’s bodies, clothes, and looks even as he tries to figure out why his relationships never last. The novel is most likely to appeal to twenty somethings, who will no doubt recognize the preening male so thoroughly skewered here, but older readers may be put off by such an unlikable lead character. --Joanne Wilkinson

Happy or not so happy Reading

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