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Monday, December 9, 2013

The Last of Fall

In November I was really inspired to do a work attire outfit post and also to take a lot of pictures of all the pretty scenery that the leaves made in all their colors.  I had Elizabeth help me with my outfit pictures at work and that weekend I took some fall pictures around my house before Taylor and I went to see the newest Hunger Games movie.  It wasn't all the fall pictures that I would have liked to have taken but at least there's a couple!
I’m obviously not an fashion blogger because I felt super awkward and had no idea what to do to make myself look fashion photo cute plus I felt really vulnerable with Elizabeth taking my pics. LOL  But whatever I went with it and this is what you get.  I felt really feminine and classy in this work outfit and I think it’s perfect for Fall in Texas.  The short sleeve sweater from American Eagle is perfect because it’s warm enough for Fall but not hot and if you live in Texas you know what I mean.
Oh and Hunger Games Catching Fire rocked….it was really long but held true to the book in my opinion…only if we didn’t have to wait a whole year for the next and sadly the last one.


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