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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I'm Rich Bitch

Not really but if I happened to win a 20 million jackpot lottery this is how I’d spend it….
  • Pay off current debit (car, credit card, student loans)- duh that's what everyone always wants to do first off just pay bills.
  • Purchase  a big honking piece of land- I have just the place in mind...If I could take the German into selling ;)
  • Build my most amazing dream house EVER- This would probably take a while simply due to the fact that I would have to inspect a bajillion houses to make sure I had every last detail since this is going to be my first and last dream house.
  • Quit my job and live on said and in said dream house and do what I want all day...help run Hendrik's company, utilize by degree, and do something creative like interior design.
  • Travel to a new country once a quarter- I want to enjoy my dream house but now that I have essentially unlimited funds I see no good reason to not have awesome vacations whenever I want.  Once a quarter is a perfect number because as soon as you get that feeling of "I need a vacation" welp...guess what it's that time again.
  • Invest so I can be a stay at home mom and still do what I want while living off interest- after I splurge on the listed items I would sink all the money into very safe investments to I can continue to do what ever I'd like and still have millions.

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