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Monday, August 18, 2014

Study Tips & Tricks

Now that Fall August has rolled around and I’m fixing to amp up my schedule with a ton of classes I thought I would share some tips and tricks on how I should and sometimes do study and also my plans on tackling my semester head on.

First on the list should be don’t procrastinate but we all know how well that does.  I'm really going to try to stay ahead of my school schedule and on top of my life in general that why I don't feel the need to procrastinate.  I don't know about you but I usually start procrastinating due to the fact that I've gotten behind.  I gain the "what's it going to matter now" attitude and then fall EVEN FURTHER behind.  To help myself not procrastinate I plan on making to do lists, start my morning off right in the gym, eat breakfast, meal plan, and utilize my lunch hour for chapter readings....which goes on to my next tip....

Read the material.  I have found that no matter if I’m simply preparing for an upcoming class lecture, trying to answer simple questions, or sitting for an exam I always feel more prepared and actually can do the task at hand 10 times faster once I have read the material.  I know this seems like an obvious tip to accomplish school work but more times than not over my educational career I have just breezed through something by either skimming or not looking at the material until the time came to do the assignment.  Although I always got it done I get a better grade and used my time more efficiently by doing it the right way.  Something I don’t do but going forward really need to strive for is to schedule allotted time frames for just school.  I take a lot of classes online and once I get done with my work day, go home cook supper, and tend to home life there isn’t many hours in the day left to use for school.  If I schedule my time frames and have them already set aside for school then I would use what time I do have more efficiently and hopefully juggle work, home, and school life a bit better.

Motivation is key.  Now that I have an end in sight and my goals are set staying motivated for me is easy but if you aren’t close to finishing school or have just started back up on a new degree you have to stay motivated.  If I ever get behind or give myself a break then the motivation flies out the window along with my good grades.  Keeping a positive attitude and look for what you are gaining helps in staying motivated.

Get your own space.  Whether it is a simple desk in a guest bedroom, a full out home office, or your favorite table at the library or coffee shop having a comfortable and familiar space to complete assignments is a helpful tip.  I recently modified a custom console table that my step-dad built me to fit into a niche in our guest bedroom.  Last semester when I tried completing school at Hendrik's house (before I moved in) was really hard because I was in the living areas....dining room, couch or bedroom.  These spaces may work for some but I need my own space designated just for school.  I like to be able to shut myself in that area and hammer our my duties.  It helps when other people are in the house and the TV and other distractions are easy to lead you astray.  Now I have my own mini desk set up for my laptop and books that allows me to concentrate on Accounting.... and not housewives. :)

I really plan on sticking to these little tricks and hopefully it will make my coming semester that much easier on me and the company I keep. ;)

Here's to all A's!

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