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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I Work Out...Update #1

I have continued to work out and I just finished up my full third month.  The past month I've completed my paid sessions with my trainer and have been working out with a new workout buddy....my trainer LOL.  We love working out together and its a great motivator and accountability program when we are constantly checking up on each other.  I've also started using an app called My Fitness Pal and I love it.  I wanted to lean up and really get that belly in shape and this is the tool to help me do that. 

Amy (workout buddy) has said from the get go that abs are made in the kitchen.  After working out for 2 months I wasn't seeing the tummy results that I had hoped so she said use My Fitness Pal, it works.  I've been using it for a month now and have lost 3 pounds which is the HEALTHY way since I don't really have that much to lose but most importantly I've noticed a change in my belly.  I've known all along that it isn't so much what I eat but how much I eat and My Fitness Pal really allows me to see that and to change it.  I was essentially eating 2-3 times the amount of food I should be on a daily business. My daily calorie intake based on my height, current weight, age, sex, and all that other mumbo jumbo should be around 1300 calories.  I'm definitely going to continue to use this app to track my progress and hold myself accountable of the things that I put in my mouth.  Sometimes a cupcake or that extra scoop of mac-n-cheese just isn't worth it. LOL 

I love the progress that I'm making because it is slow, steady, healthy progress which isn't just a diet or fad I'm making a true lifestyle change.  A few things that I really need to work on when it comes to my workouts is doing more cardio, more abs, and more stretching.  I know that all three of these things will help me even more on top of my 5 strengthening workouts a week I'm doing already. 

I got some new work out gear which motivated me even more to hit the gym.  I love my new Live Love Lift shirt and my heat gear UA shorts. 

I'm really not a supplement person but I've been lifting so heavy lately that I needed that extra boost of protein to kick the muscle rebuilding into high power so I drink Zeal for Life protein shake after each workout.  Also my pre-workout supplement is a great way to get the sweat rolling and kick soreness.  These two supplements are all I take and I don't foresee myself adding more or changing them up.  I love the results I get and don't feel like I'm adding a lot of junk to my body.

In other news I wanted to share a little update on another health aspect that I had been struggling with over the past year that finally seems to be under control.  It's not anything worrisome really only very aggravating and mentally straining.  Over the past year my PMS has gotten progressively worse like so bad, before I finally talked to my doc a couple months ago, that I thought I was mentally breaking.  I had severe anxiety and paranoia over literally NOTHING.  Also I was super emotional which I could have dealt with but the increased levels of paranoia and anxiety got progressively worse month after month.  I knew that there was nothing really wrong with me just my hormones had probably changed over the past year and I needed a birth control adjustment or something to that effect to help me level out.  I talked to my doctor about it a couple months back during my yearly exam and he didn't make me feel crazy at all.  He actually downplayed it even more so than I was and made it seem like it was perfectly normal and there was a normal fix.  He prescribed me a different birth control...one with a very low dose of estrogen and also told me to start taking the vitamin B6 daily.  I've done so and I can honestly say I can tell a difference. No more paranoid episodes, no more giving myself diarrhea from being so anxious...it's glorious I tell you, glorious.  I'm really glad that something that was really starting to wreck havoc was so easily controlled.  Damn Hormones!

All in all I love the new healthy lifestyle I'm leading and I feel great.  All the things I've explained above have contributed to that on top of my dedication and motivation to make changes and get stronger.

My 3 Month Stats
  • Lost a total of 6.5 Inches
  • Gained 1.5 inches of muscles bulk
  • Net 5 inches lost
  • Lost 3 lbs

Feeling healthier, stronger, and sexier everyday!
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  1. I am so very proud of your and all your hard work towards getting healthier and more fit and toned. I wish I had your drive and determination in this area. Keep up the good work and remember no matter what you look like, I love you more than words can say!!


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