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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

August Meal Planning

I have posted a short and sweet post on meal planning previously...here.  I have continued with my meal planning like normal but haven't done it quite to the best of my abilities lately.  As Summer winds down and I'm fixing to go into my busy season of school, hunting, work, and just LIFE the easiest way to stay ahead and use my time to the max is by planning and preparing as much as possible for the knowns.  As we all know there are plenty of unknowns that will throw a kink in your plans so the less I have to rack my brain for supper then the better.  That leaves more time for cleaning, homework, brainstorming, and general trashy TV watching. ;)  The last few days of the month I prepare my grocery list, meal plan, and organize my budget for the upcoming month.  This month went awesome and it only took me a couple hours.  I went a little overboard and I'm sure I'll have meals left over but again that works well for next month and is less preparation.  I was sort of in a slump this past month on my cooking and really needed some inspiration so I turned to none other than Pintrest.  I cruised my own Get in my Belly board found HERE and then surfed the food genre to find more yummy recipes to try now and pin for later. 

Here is my list of possible meals, my planner to decide what day needs which meal, and then my grocery list to ensure I have the needed goods.

I try to leave at least one day a week for leftovers.  With cooking so much we are always bound to have a bit of leftover to clean up because there's nothing worse than throwing out food.  I also try to list my meals out before I pencil them onto the calender so I can get a good variety of dishes for every week. No one wants to eat Mexican themed dishes for a week straight...it can really mess up your month.

I'm super impressed with my meal planning for the month of August because it got me really motivated to cook again and try several new recipes.

Here's what we have:

1-Aug Grilled chicken, grilled vegetables, baked potato
2-Aug Echkards sausage, homemade mac-n-chz, green beans
3-Aug Go out
4-Aug Slow cooker chicken and broccoli fettuccine
5-Aug Chicken fried steak, scallop potatoes, green beans
6-Aug Left overs
7-Aug Homemade hamburgers and fries
8-Aug Beans & Cornbread, sauteed cabbage
9-Aug Cajun dirty rice
10-Aug Tuna Casserole
11-Aug Quesadillas and Queso
12-Aug Go Out- Dr. Appt
13-Aug Homemade corn dogs
14-Aug Chicken kabob, baked potato
15-Aug Enchiladas
16-Aug Left overs
17-Aug Pork tenderloin, mashed potatoes, brussell sprouts
18-Aug Fish fillets, broccoli, rice
19-Aug Cajun chicken pasta
20-Aug Chicken strips, mac-n-chz, corn
21-Aug Left overs
22-Aug Meat loaf, mashed potatoes, broccoli
23-Aug Homemade Pizza
24-Aug Grilled chicken, potatoes, corn on the cob
25-Aug American Chinese
26-Aug Left overs
27-Aug Honey garlic pork chops, zucchini, rice
28-Aug Chicken spaghetti
29-Aug Beef and broccoli stir fry
30-Aug Salmon patties, mashed potatoes, peas
31-Aug Oven baked chicken, mac-n-chz, fried okra

At the end of the day when I'm updating my week/days I mark through the meal I used and if I didn't cook the planned meal for some reason all together I circle it so I know that I can use it later in the month if I need to or in the next month.

I hope this help anyone who needs a little inspiration or motivation or good o' organization!

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