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Monday, October 13, 2014

Bachelor Pad Before

When Hendrik and I started dating his house was only a couple months old. 
It still had that new wood smell, it had only 2 camo couches, a huge TV, and his bed was on the floor.  The freezer was stocked with Totino's pizzas and the frig had tea, milk, and cereal. 
Hurray!!! For the bachelor life. 
His house was bachelor pad if I'd ever seen one.  He had been more occupied with work and hadn't made his house a home.  I'm glad he wasn't worried about it because I took care of everything.  I got him a house warming gift...3 mirrors for the two bathrooms from Lowes and so my interior obsession with a new, clean space began. 
Before I get into all the new looks, design, and décor that has taken over a year to perfect lets take a walk down memory lane to see what it looked like last year.

Hendrik's bachelor pad- 1 year ago

master bath...the vintage ducks I framed after I printed them from the Internet

I added the mirrors and flower arrangement about a month in.. before there was NOTHING but light fixtures

Master bedroom- I bought a frame to get the bed off the floor and made the headboard from cedar planks cut by Hendrik

spiced up this blank wall with a little deer silhouette

ordinary laundry room

Living room- lamps and side tables I got from Target, we hung the taxidermy duck and goose he killed


Dining area- tree art work is from Target, counter height dining table is from Sam's

Guest Bath- this, at the time, was his roommates bath room and he decorated it in gaudy western décor
Guest room
 There you have the bachelor HOUSE....stay tuned as I get ready to show you now a shared HOME!

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