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Monday, December 8, 2014

Before & After: Master Bedroom

I would have to say that this room is THE MOST CHANGED and really, besides my new closet and  my bathtub, would be my favorite room in the house.

I will get into more detail in the pictures progress so let's get into it!
Before: When Hendrik and I started dating there was nothing in this room except the TV hung on the wall, his nightstand and mattress resting on the floor.  Immediately upon our monogamous talk, LOL, I went out, with his money of course, and bought a bed frame, some antler inspired lamps, and the ugly mustard velvet chair.  The camo everything was already there so until I moved in officially and put my feminine, homey touch on things this is how it was.  Not bad but not that great either. 
You might remember a few DIY's I took on like the headboard, lamp shades, and deer silhouette?  Check them out HERE, HERE, and HERE. You can also see a few better pictures of what the blank slate looked like from those posts as well.

After: Oh boy after is right.  I love it!  This room just now, like last week, finally had the last touch added.  It was one of the first rooms that I actually bought a lot of new stuff for.  Mainly in all the other rooms I was able to reuse a lot of my home furnishings from Winnsboro.  I had a particular vibe that I wanted to hone in on when decorating this room and I think I nailed it.  I wanted a perfect mix of both masculine and feminine, classy yet comfortable and homey.  I love blue and thought that it brought the perfect masculine color to the room plus some color all together since I couldn't paint or anything drastic like that.  I had already made the headboard and so I wanted to tie into the blue and headboard but not go overboard on the woodsy theme.

With those East facing windows, black out curtains in brown were a must.  Another plus to these is that they are pretty expensive for one panel but the size of our windows allows for one panel to be big enough for one window so we cut that cost down by half just by coincidence.
there's an entire post coming on this chair!
The always kiss me goodnight sign is from Canton when I first got my Winnsboro house and it is a must to always remind us to be romantic before saying goodnight, ALWAYS!

I wanted a big full length mirror that was framed and leaned against the wall real rustic like but boy those are really hard to find.  Instead, I had a mirror and glass business custom cut a mirror for me that is 3 feet wide and 7 feet tall for a whopping $55. If you know what mirrors cost then you know I pretty much walked out with a free mirror.  Our contractor who built the house and the closet addition made this frame for me while he was building the closet and instead of leaning it against the wall and risking it breaking we opted to just put in up on the wall and frame around it.  I love it and it doesn't take away any floor space.

Remember by Valentine's DIY, found HERE? Well, I finally drug it out from the top of the closet and put in on display on top of the dresser that became quiet vacant after all my jewelry went into the new closet.  I actually like it more now thenn when I first made it and I'm glad that even though it is a little ghetto and didn't turn out exactly like I planned it still rings true and means a lot.  The antler cross actually is something that was recycled from my Winnsboro home along with the chest of drawers it is sitting on.  Hendrik has always loved it so I'm glad I found a way to incorporate it in.  The tray is a Canton find and DIY from a few years back.  It holds my workout gloves and this massive arrangement I made.

Hendrik's nightstand is from Ikea, from like 12 years ago.  They still had them in stock so I grabbed up a matching one.  One his nightstand I left the antler lamp but put on a DIY lampshade I did when I redecorated my guest bedroom in Winnsboro.  We each have unique lamps but they are tied together with the same classy shade.  Also he has his favorite nighttime reading material and a basket that plays as a catch all. A mason jar for change and then a masculine wood from with a cute print, Hello there Handsome, I made finish out his nightstand.

The metal M & H came from Canton and I spray painted them a metallic gold.  They frame a White Faux Taxidermy deer I ordered from their online store.  Since I took away the deer silhouette I had to replace it with something and this is the perfect size for above the bed.

My bedding makes the rooms and gives it that hotel feel.  I ordered it from Overstock and I loved the tufted look.  With the masculine headboard, deer head, and dark blue colors it brings the pop of feminine decor that I was hopping for.  The blue throw pillows are from Ikea.
My nightstand is curated with this redone and redone again antique lamp.  You might remember it from HERE!  I took it from white to a shiny blue with a quick spray paint job with the same lamp shade that I originally DIYed for these same lamps, matching Hendrik's of course.  The flying pig and vase of hydrangeas are from my bedroom in my Winnsboro home and the stack of books to read is ever changing but always there. 

On the wall that is near my side of the bed I did a little collage with the red print coming from my Winnsboro bedroom and the other 4 frames coming from Ikea.  I just recently got around to finding good pictures to print and frame.  I like the way it turned out.

This rug is my love.  I knew right off the bat that once I found a color scheme the rug was going to bring the modern and classy touch that tied everything together but also set it all apart.  I knew I wanted some sort of pattern that was just cream/white and navy and this ikat pattern makes my day.  I ordered it from Overstock as well and as expensive as rugs can be I feel I got a pretty good deal.

Almost every Sunday as Hendrik and I lay in bed watching TV and cuddling after sleeping in I pat myself on the back and say man I just love our room....it's like I'm in a hotel.  From the bedding, to my nightstand decor, my classy re-done lamps, to the rug...it is all perfection in my eyes. I love spending time there and it is also the perfect size space.
Stay tuned for a few more décor posts for the living areas, guest bedroom, and that ugly chair!

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