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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Valentines DIY

Yes you read that right...Valentines DIY from over 3 months ago....what can I say I've been super busy.

Over at A Clueless Girl's Guide, Kaelah Bee is always making the cutest signs out of a wood and I thought that since it was decorative and not too hard I’d give it a go and make Hendrik a sentimental V-Day DIY plaque to put in the bedroom. WELL, I was wrong.  Below are my best efforts but my handwriting is too terrible to look girly and cute, my paint brush was too fat making my letters fat and ugly and it just all together didn’t turn out like I had envisioned.

Lesson learned: I may be creative in a decorating and crafting sense but when it comes to handwriting/drawing creativity I’m severely lacking in that department. LOL

I should have saved myself the trouble and just ordered one. Now my not so cute stump  sign is drying out in the top of the closet since I’m too ashamed to have it hung on the wall or on display at all.

If you are the crafty/drawing creative type this would be a great gift for many occasions for that rustic yet homey someone and I'm sure it will turn out way cuter than my above fail!

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