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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lubbock Road Trip

Last weekend, May 16-18, Caleb and I drove to Lubbock on a Friday night to attend our cousin, Mia's, graduation.  We arrived around 11:30 and was greeted by a very pregnant Piper.  We stayed at her and Jordan's house and once settled in hit the hay for some much needed rest.  Saturday morning we met up with Mia, Josh, her boyfriend, and a few of her friends at Fuzzy's.  After a light Mexican breakfast we headed over to the arena for the graduation.  The graduation was really something I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn't an all day affair it seemed to go by quickly even though it ended up being 3 hours.  After the graduation we headed over to the Tech seal for a few pictures with the graduate and all the family that came out to see her big moment. 

After pictures we headed back to Pipers house to change clothes and head back to the university so Jordan could give Caleb a tour of the school and the football facilities.  He really loved seeing the facilities, he smiled the entire time and was pretty much in awe.  We ate at Spanky's near the school after the tour and then headed to World Market.  I never have been to one before but I found some really good things.  The main thing that I wanted to go in there for was a spice I need to make a Dutch dessert but I also scored some coconut oil, crepe mix, and some Dutch sprinkles for Hendrik.  Before heading back to the house for some quality time with Piper she took us to the Pie Bar.  It is sort of like an ice cream shop but for pies in glasses and it was amazing.

Jac, Levi, and I at graduation

inside football locker room

practice field

me and Caleb at Spanky's

Dutch sprinkles


pie bar

birthday cake pie

After some coffee and adult talk Sunday morning we packed up and were on the road about 11.  We had a great trip and really enjoyed seeing Mia graduate and Piper before baby Jett arrives.

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