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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Favorite Blogs

I have a string of blogs that I can’t wait to see daily posts from.  These women are truly inspirational to me in many different ways from making me want to be a go getter (Emily at The Freckled Fox) to travel in style with baby (Lauren at Aspiring Kennedy) to many others.  Although I don’t grow my blog or try to like many others and over the past year my number of posts have severely decreased due to school and a busy home life but no matter what I love blogging and I think about it daily.  I have several ideas that I want to put out on my blog and then hope to grow from them but either way my blog along with these leading ladies still stay true to themselves.  They, like most women, are all so different but can find a something that is similar in us and that connects me.  Like most people unless you’re a blogger you don’t really understand the “relationships” we form with blogs and then one day the author behind it all. I get ideas and joy from reading these blogs and hopefully you will too.

Click on the names below to see what I'm talking about!!!!  Let me know what you think.

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