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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beauty Product Must

If you know me then you know I'm not girly girl but I have come to HAVE to one beauty product that is essential. 
Redkin Shampoo and Conditioner…
it doesn’t matter the “type” just the brand is all that counts for me. 
I had never used salon shampoo mainly because I never would give into the fact that it was any different than regular, should I say over the counter, shampoo.  Around 3 years ago I bought my first salon shampoo and it happened to be Redkin and I’ve been a sucker ever since.  Around 8 months ago I ran out of salon shampoo and really didn’t want to spend my un-had funds on expensive shampoo so I decided to go back to over the counter shampoo until I had some extra money or maybe even if I did have extra I wouldn’t be able to tell a difference and it would be no biggie.  Boy was I wrong!  After several uses my already straight and flat hair was even flatter to my head. 
It reminded me of high school when my mom would be me to do something with my hair and would tease me with the old Brady Bunch line….”MARSHA MARSHA MARSHA”.
After several months my hair then felt really dry, brittle and hay like. 
A couple weeks ago I just couldn’t stand the feel of my damaged hair and went to a salon in the town I work to get a trim as a walk in.  I asked her to inspect my hair and make sure it wasn’t damaged because it sure felt like it and she assured me it wasn’t.  The following day I had some appointments in Winnsboro and while I was at the Copper Leaf I snagged back some Redkin shampoo and conditioner. 
I’ve had several washes since and I just love the way my hair feels after. 
It feels lighter, softer, no frizz, more voluminous (for me) and just all around healthier. 
This small test is a true testament to me that salon formulated shampoo beats out over the counter shampoo any day! 

Do ya’ll use salon quality products?

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