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Monday, May 26, 2014

Canton Haul

First Monday of May Canton weekend I raced to Canton to get several items off my home to-do list.  I didn't want to be there all day especially since I was by myself but I had a ton of other things to do that day so off I came and went in a total of about 2 hours total driving there, back, and all.  I got pretty much everything I went for plus an item or two that I just stumbled upon.

My grand haul

two identical butterfly prints for the master bath

fixing for a wreath for the front door

a big P for my gallery wall and bags of fake lemons for kitchen

two of these smaller stars and 1 HUGE one all for the outside front of house

Well in 2 hours and about $260 later I was leaving one happy gal. 

Stay tuned for my wreath DIY coming soon to computers everywhere.

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